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Ah, the joys of watching malice in wonderland. Above all, the long crusade against ...
by LaFeminista
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The GOP clown collage is coming to South Carolina, and then to Florida, and this will be the cue for ...
by The Geogre
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It isn't that Newt beat rMoney - I think most polls (and most gut feelings of political junkies) over the past few days have been pointing to a Gingrich win in South Carolina. rMoney just can't ...
by Richard Cranium
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People are pointing at Buzzfeed , ...
by The BigotBasher
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Gratuitous pic of who Mittens really wants to pander to. What does Willard Mitt Romney have to do to secure the Republican ...
by The BigotBasher
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Poor old Ricky Man on Dog Santorum , he still has a google issue.
by The BigotBasher
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by Something the Dog Said
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By the time the election is over Bain will be synonymous with Haliburton . ...
by The BigotBasher
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You may want to pass on watching Rick Santorum's appearance on this morning's "This Week" unless you can handle his comments on what makes him want to "throw up". This time, it is the doctrine of ...
by SiliconKossack
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by scottbateman
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Remember Mark Sanford? He ran off with a lady friend while Governor of South Carolina and thereby graciously gave the world the phrase “hiking the Appalachian trail” as a euphemism for ...
by blue aardvark
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First of all, I would like to make clear that I'm not laughing at the US (me being a Brit an' all), just at this particular segment. This whole GOP Primary has just tickled my fancy. So much so that ...
by AnnetteK
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Now is the time for Western politicians to say NO to News International.
by The BigotBasher
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Cross-Posted from DeSmogBlog By David Goodner and Steve Horn Everyday Iowa voters are less likely to caucus for former Texas governor and potential presidential candidate Rick Perry “because of ...
by Steve Horn
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Newt Ginrich is the "thinker" on the right, the "big ideas" man to head the American Right forward to the Middle Ages. He is also an idiot. A complete an utter idiot devoid of rational thought. ...
by The BigotBasher
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Newt Gingrich, once considered a "brain Republican" has now all but ended his run for the Presidency. What if I give ...
by The BigotBasher
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We've been tracking the aftermath of the GOP primaries and watching the superficial spin by the mainstream media. Where you win, county by county, is almost more important than by how much in ...
by Brian Ross
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unless Mitt Romney flip-flopped again... Mitt Romney says he'...
by litho
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While the latest trend is to over-estimate Perry's strengths as a primary candidate, Romney still remains institutionally robust. More interestingly, it's entirely possible that a Romney-Obama race ...
by Nulwee
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Need something for your kids to do over Summer? Well avoid this or they will hate you forever.
by The BigotBasher
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