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They're not even trying to pretend anymore. Fox 'News' is the public relations arm of the Republican party. In a stunning (even by their standards) display, they played a 60 minute campaign ...
by eXtina
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That's the first thing my 15-year-old son told me yesterday afternoon when he came home from school. No, " Hi Mom, what's going on? " or " Hey, what's for dinner? " or " Can you get this juice ...
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This just in from Fox (Opinion Channel/Guessworks Inc/GOP TV) News... via ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Hence their simple-minded propaganda. Hence their clown contenders for POTUS, past and present. A GOP defecter spills the beans:
by roseeriter
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The gun wielding Jefferson County (Birmingham, AL) Domestic Relations Judge Suzanne Childers announced today ...
by alpolitics
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Without any fanfare or too much notice, the proprietor of the very excellent watchdog blog NPR Check put up his final post the other day. I was pretty disappointed, and am hoping somebody else ...
by greenomanic
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(Cross-posted from BeggarsCanBeChoosers.com ) When Rush Limbaugh first began spewing his daily dose of bigotry, lies and GOP propaganda back in the mid-80s, Republican leaders rejoiced. In Limbaugh,
by wobbly
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I have long known my Congresscritter, John Culberson, was useless. But it turns out he's worse than useless, he's evil. Note the email I received from him today entitled "Freeing States from ...
by aprimo224
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In my ongoing effort to keep up with the predictable and pathetic tactics of the Grand Obstructionist Party, I subscribe to all kinds of GOP email propaganda. I got one today from the Repug ...
by NamelessGenXer
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It wasn't that long ago that according to the GOP any effort to focus on domestic issues was tantamount to treason given the overarching importance of Defending Our Freedoms through the War on Terruh.
by SoxFan04
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This lie has been allowed to fester and live for too long. While McCain has made occasional comments rejecting the notion that Barack Obama is a "secret Muslim," this latest development shows that ...
by FreedomRider
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This will be a short post. The vote on the tax cuts may be coming up shortly. The Republicans ...
by xaxnar
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This will be a short one. The wingnuts are going crazy over Rasmussen's latest poll .
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