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Liberals and unions gave this country .. the 8 hour day .. paid holidays .. paid vacations .. sick pay .. medical insurance .. pensions .. workplace safety .. Social Security .. Medicare .. ...
by teacherken
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I've always said that Republicans don't comprehend the effects of the policies that they support (and the politicians who promote them) until the harsh reality affects them or their families ...
by Puddytat
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Sell Yosemite! Dump the Post Office, the prison system, education, Social Security!! Conservatives have been pushing this agenda for decades, insisting that private ownership would increase ...
by T C Gibian
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My mother died when I was 17. Part of my college was paid for by Social Security Survivor Benefits. While I was an active-duty Marine in the 1960's, I had free government health care. I finished ...
by teacherken
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One of the less endearing traits of conservatives is their tendency to not let practicality or the human condition get in the way of ideology. Let’s forget for a moment the GOP/Conservative ...
by DuvalDem
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This is a very illuminating map from the Tax Foundation showing which state governments are most dependent on Federal dollars as a percentage of state government spending. Naturally the states ...
by Lefty Coaster
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by jamess
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Yesterday morning around 9:00 AM I was returning home from my doctor's office after seeing him for my lower back pain. Yesterday, we also discovered that all my wife's jewelry had been stolen ...
by Steven D
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I personally think much of what drives the Tea Patry hatred/phobia/hysteria over our out-sized National Debt -- is that they've visited one too many web-sites like this one , which are long on scary ...
by jamess
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Our friends at It's A Free Country wrote a nice bit of satire based on the east coast's recent Snowpocalypse that,
by kalich
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The practice of charging fines and billing fees to defendants dates back to the 1970s. The number of people behind bars has increased 700% by 2010. In the last 30+ years, prisons and courtrooms have ...
by GerryMyers
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Or more accurately, you're at the mercy of your own state's emergency capabilities -- or better yet in Romney-world, you can always pay Koch Industries Inc to rescue you from Nature's fury ... [...]
by jamess
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Tonight I caught part of 60 Minutes and heard the piece on credit default swaps, the "financial weapons of mass destruction" that brought down Wall Street. But the real cause of the financial ...
by MagisterLudi
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Who says: Government Services aren't important? Fools , ignorant of how the Economy works, that's who. The federal government shutdown that began Oct. 1 will not disrupt air traffic control or ...
by jamess
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Let me make a wild statement: Charity is essentially a tax on humanitarianism. Before the good-hearted readers pelt me with rotting vegetables and angry comments, let me point out I called it ...
by workingwords
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When I hear calls for progressive political action on and by the Left, I am so skeptical that I keep seeing the three-headed hydra, Medusa. Perseus had the shield of Athena, was able to blind the ...
by libertyvalence
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