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In case you're curious as to just what climate change is going to look like when it really gets cranked up in a few years, here's a sneak preview: These two maps are ...
by Neapolitan
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I was going around the intertubes and have wondered how that austerity thing is working out here and other places. I was shocked upon visiting a site that had compiled a graph to depict the extent ...
by Vetwife
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The Economic Policy Institute is reprising 11 of its most "telling charts" from 2011. Below are two of those, and ...
by Meteor Blades
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Data have proven a potent tool in the hands of dissidents and reform activists elsewhere. Using numbers, OWS can ...
by alonsoquijote
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by Daniel Donner
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by Daniel Donner
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In April of 2001, I lost my job in the "dot-bomb" recession. I was living in Silicon Valley and had had a few "silicon valley" type jobs (read: I worked for technology companies), the most recent -
by BayAreaKen
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I have some relatives in Arizona, long-time rabid John McCain fans, who sometimes include me in their email chains. The last compared the taxes various individuals might pay, under Clinton and under ...
by Doctor Frog
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by Daniel Donner
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The would-be Super Congress: ...
by Joan McCarter
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Taxes, debt, deficits, Tea Parties, "populist anger", financial crises, there sure is a lot of hootin' and hollerin' about money these days. Sadly, the debate over these issues has pretty much ...
by MikeDub
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Last week, in Number Sense 029 we added and subtracted nothing from our equations, and ...
by Orinoco
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I'll just say that it appears Obama turned a corner last week. Was it the debate, the economy or both? Today's polls after the fold. Enjoy.
by Vote For America
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by free speech zone
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The other day Ezra Klein tweeted this:
by Words of Wiesman
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by Laura Clawson
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One of the primary teabagger "criticisms" of Obama is the current Federal Deficit. Teabaggers argue the POTUS is spending recklessly and we need to get back to a conservative budget. The typical ...
by Age of Quarrel
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If 2+2= 3 then false If 2+2= 5 then false If 2+2= 4 then true Explained below the fold.
by MinistryOfTruth
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by Daniel Donner
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I've recently had a back and forth email discussion with a friend of mine about economic issues. He basically said "they're all to blame", holding both parties equally responsible for our economic ...
by barindersharma
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