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Some of you have read and recommended a recent diary entry about the grieving mother , Tracy Jopek , who wanted to give ...
by WeBetterWinThisTime
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The tactics employed by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald in Green Bay today to get weasel out of a negative publicity situation didn't work on ...
by jorogo
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So just who is this Poverty Possum? Semi-serious update: Call to Artistic Action! Some commenters below have been discussing the Power of the Possum as a symbol ...
by badscience
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by Al Rodgers
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Barack's giving a major speech on the economy in Green Bay WI right now. Here's a local stream: http://www.wbay.com/ and on CNN: http://www.cnn.com/video/live/live.html?stream=...
by marabout40
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Like some 380,000 others , I'm a Green Bay Packers shareholder--hence, an "NFL Owner" of the only community-owned major professional sports franchise in the United States. While I'll never see any ...
by docciavelli
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It was quite something. The good news was that about 50% of what Palin and McCain said stuck to the truth. The bad news was that the untruths left me wanting to wear hip boots. You can get a ...
by denisegreenbay
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I ran across this story on Facebook. Heba Mohammad is a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and founder of the school's Muslim Student Association. She was concerned the city ...
by joedemocrat
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Our "Primary Highways" series continues with a visit to Wisconsin. We visit the state capital and reminisce about the 2011 protests. We explore the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright in the state, ...
by catsynth
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As some of you know (or may very well not know), I am originally from Wisconsin. I spent the first 25 years of my life existing in an extremely cold/frigid/horrible environment. I think it'
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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The Leo Frigo I-43 bridge that crosses the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin has been closed since yesterday morning due to the center portion ...
by weatherdude
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I can't forget the look of disappointment on the faces of the elderly couple who asked us if we knew where Governor Walker was speaking. Trying to avoid saying anything cruel, I told them the ...
by jorogo
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Thanks to Kossack dzinger for the heads up regarding a sad bit of dickishness on the part of Republican Assemblyman John Klenke. Last year, Brown County was promised 2 million dollars in state ...
by ruleoflaw
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Something’s askew in Packerland and it has nothing to do with Brett Favre and the boys losing the game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Somebody knowledgeable please tell me this ...
by markthshark
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Ah, yet again. It seems the party of family values seems to never amaze us all with their doublespeak. Let me start with the details.... The former head of the Brown County Republican ...
by kclala
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We've had an unusual week here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The same venue, the Resch Center, hosted Barack Obama this Monday at noon, and John McCain and Sarah Palin last Thursday at 6 PM. Add in Joe ...
by denisegreenbay
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Back in 2004 , when I first moved to Green Bay Wisconsin , I participated in my first large protest rally at the Resch Center. The candidate was George W. Bush. The so called "Free Speech" zone ...
by WeBetterWinThisTime
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Good morning Kossacks, I would like to share my awesome adventure last night. I want to show you photos from the blizzard we had here in Green Bay Wisconsin. It was my first blizzard ever and it ...
by WeBetterWinThisTime
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Like George Lucas, of late I've been engaged in an epic battle on a planetary address far too close to home--my yard. And the bad guys just broke out the Death Star. And they are at it again!
by denisegreenbay
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I did something naughty just now. I was out running errands today in Green Bay , Wisconsin and one of those errands included a trip to the car wash. My car is white , so it needs extra cleaning often.
by WeBetterWinThisTime
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