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Were it not for his pathetic appearances before Congress over the firing of US Attorneys, Alberto Gonzales would still be Attorney General of the United States. He would be happily presiding over ...
by seesdifferent
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The use of multiple e-mail accounts to bypass the spirit and letter of the law governing White House documents and communications is a ...
by dengre
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Broad Coalition Of Groups Files Disciplinary Complaints Against Twelve Bush Administration Lawyers Who Advocated Torture Of Detainees On Monday, May 18, 2009, a broad coalition of ...
by David Swanson
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This is a difficult subject to talk about. ...
by CanYouBeAngryAndStillDream
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In an WSJ Op-ed former OLC Attorney John Yoo blasts President Barack Obama for removing the One and Only Effective Tool ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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I am aware that there is already a diary dealing with the mystery poster on the Rec list. I thought the current diary only began to scratched the surface, so I wanted to provide this as an archive ...
by free speech zone
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Well, Democrats, it looks like the moment has finally arrived. Here you stand at a precipice, protecting our constitutional form of government, and there’s nothing beyond it but a black, ...
by occams hatchet
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[ Update 11:55 PDT : My 1st Reco'd diary after 4 years here(!). Another question I'm not hearing addressed specificially: isn't GWB ordering commission of a fraud by soliciting Ashcroft's ...
by Mogolori
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Do not pass "Go", do not collect $200...go strictly to impeachment and throw his behind out to the curb. Earlier today, TPMMuckraker picked ...
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It’s a Washington truism: The cover-up is always worse than the crime . It is true only in terms of being caught. Convictions associated with a cover-up ...
by dengre
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This morning, former Department of Justice Deputy Attorney General James Comey appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Comey may very well have presented the most explosive testimony ...
by gchaucer2
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Alberto's Harvard Class of 1982 paid to have an advert in the Washington post today http://speciousreasoning.com/2007/05/15/albertos-harvard-class-82-places-ad-in-washington-post/
by Ioo
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Finally. Spanish prosecutors have decided to go ahead with a criminal investigation of former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales , Federal Appeals Court Judge and former ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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PREFACE : A group of distinguished intelligence and military officers, diplomats, and law enforcement professionals delivered an urgent message this morning to the chairman ...
by L C Johnson
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President Bush gives lip service to supporting those who serve in our military. For instance, he praises employers who stand by their workers in the National Guard and Reserve: "We are ...
by skymutt
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Just off the press from the New York Times : A high-level Spanish court has taken the first ...
by dday
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Like you, I have watched, these past six years, the Democrats, over and over and over again, collapse when confronted by George W. Bush. Like you, I have heard these Democrats say, every time, as ...
by blueness
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Bush has an interesting choice over the next few days. The WH spin on the firing of the USAttys has been to put out two completely contradictory concepts and hope that no one notices. This is a ...
by Mary2002
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Is there anybody here who knows why a grand jury Willacy County, Texas, might see fit to indict the Vice-president of the United States?
by bugscuffle
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An article by Philip Shenon and David Johnston in yesterday's New York Times , reported that the Bush Administration is ...
by drational
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