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Van Jones, who is idolized by the netroots and whose departure from the WH was blasted far and wide has a message for those same Netroots. QUIT BEATING UP BARACK OBAMA. 100% Agreed.
by calchala
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I couldn't believe my ears. Did Arnold just change from Red to Blue ? Or maybe it was just a deeper shade of Green.
by jamess
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This 40% breakthrough ... has finally become available for your home (maybe?) and office use ... Solar cell breaks efficiency record Michael Kanellos, CNET News -- December 6, ...
by jamess
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by Public D
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I've been following Van Jones since his Power Shift speech earlier this year and have been excited by the real change (environmental paradigm shift) he's working on. Then Glenn BecKKK came along and ...
by The Truth Will Out
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It’s official. Today, I became a candidate for governor because California needs a new direction. We put together this short video . I hope you will ...
by Gavin Newsom
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As part of my continuing Environmental Series, posted usually each Sunday, today I'm covering the Science and Tech behind Fuel Cells . A very recent Break-Through may make this Renewable ...
by jamess
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Join us at StandWithVan.com to show your unwavering support for White House green jobs advisor Van Jones. You can ...
by Josh Nelson
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Andy Stern takes on America's second deficit Ezra Klein, WashingtonPost -- 12/2/...
by jamess
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I can't help but feel like our pro-wind-farm movement in West Michigan helped to expedite Muskegon ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Today's New York Times features a piece of writing which should be required reading for every American. This is not a piece from his blog, but a "Magazine Preview", which means it's rather lengthy. ...
by LaughingPlanet
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Federal approval for 110MW solar power tower in Nevada brighterenergy.org -- ...
by jamess
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(Written by an American expat hi-speed rail traveler's first hand experience living in the European Union) (Updated August 15th 2011) Isn't it time for America to finally get on board with hi-...
by Democrats Ramshield
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Six months ago I posted the following diary:
by Brainwrap
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One of my favorite events, every two years, on the Mall is the Solar Decathlon . 20 or so university teams ...
by A Siegel
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Here's even some more good news for Advocates of Alternative and Renewable Energy: May 12, ...
by jamess
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Asteroids can Kill . No doubt about it. Just ask the Dinosaurs! Anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in the path of one -- doesn't really stand a chance. Unless that "...
by jamess
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Ever wonder how the Tea Party got such traction? How they came out of nowhere -- to become an influential presence on the National Stage? Me too. It was simple really. Take 2 parts ...
by jamess
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Today I’ll be joining Vice President Joe Biden in San Diego to promote job growth in California. At a time when California’s unemployment rate is at 11.2 percent, the highest rate on ...
by JohnGaramendiCA
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Within the space of six hours, the world's deserts receive more energy than all the people in the world consume in a year . The only question we have to answer is: "How can ...
by jamess
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