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In this extremely funny and NSFW rant, my new pal Dusty truly cuts to the chase on this entire "Duck Dynasty/Free-the-Hate Speech" embroiglio in a way that no one else has before. http://www.youtube.
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Just passed 200k likes on Facebook.http://t.co/69Xk9EX1 So much for the progressive left's efforts to silence black Conservatives...
by kos
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From a brutal exposé in The Daily Beast of the more prominent Tea Party PAC's, titled, Flushing Money Down the Tea Party Toilet . Figures represent a year and a half of operation, from January 1, ...
by ericlewis0
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"WTF?" That's what I'd say if I woke up to that headline. But it's true. Part 1:
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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Spread love, RNC.
by Crashing Vor
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This is rich. On the very same day that a judge in Arkansas (Arkansas!) declared the state's same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional, the National Organization for Marriage's Brian Brown posted a ...
by Steven Payne
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Recent headlines trumpeted Gen. Petraeus' concern that a couple of idiots in Gainesville might put the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of our troops in danger. I hate to be the bearer of bad ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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A bit ago I signed up to receive emails from Tea Party Nation , the organization run by the ...
by Steven D
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I am in Virginia visiting for Thanksgiving, and a local story in the town ultraconservative rag amused me. From the Daily News-Record of Harrisonburg, comes a ...
by triplepoint
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Billy Sunday was used in Pittsburgh, Newcastle and other cities to break the unions and was paid by manufacturers. He has no ideals, but is a business man, who measures his religion in dollars ...
by JayRaye
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This just came over MSNBC: Disgraced banker found, served court papers While probe into Stanford continues, Venezuela seizes a local ...
by jimstaro
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There's one great perk for leaving a high-profile job in Washington: you don't have to lie any more about your motivations. Dick Armey, who's armed-standoff severance negotiations with Koch ...
by Crashing Vor
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We've known since she started talking about running for President she didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the nomination, much less the general election for President of the United ...
by wheresjim
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I really, really don't want to give this clan added publicity, like I don't use FOX, others, links to give traffic to the crap they spread. But thought I might this one time as I expected this to ...
by jimstaro
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The 'chickenhawk' Ted Cruz and his Cruzettes with the Grifter Palin and the Palinites, most not veterans:
by jimstaro
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And who said it if they were elected, as well as all them still popping up joke lines about. Well looks like it might have been a true statement as the one who promised has found another means, and ...
by jimstaro
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There's a front page story on the well-paid progeny of political celebrities, written by Angry Mouse, at the time that I write this diary. There have been dozens of diaries written in the past few ...
by Richard Cranium
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_____ || || |\___/| | | | | | | | | | | | | _____| |_____ / | | \ / | |
by slippytoad
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Who is Fred Davis? He's the Republican "strategist" who is behind the recently diaried Jeremiah Wright ad proposal . Per Think Progress , Fred Davis is also behind these gems of Republican ...
by blue aardvark
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In which Jay Sekulow and Pat Robertson assure us that Bob McDonnell will not be convicted.
by CharlesII
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