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U.S. filmmaker arrested at House hearing on shale gas by Ayesha Rascoe, ...
by jamess
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Cross posted from http://Muskegocritic.blogspot.com You know I love you, Chicago. But guys, it's time come up with a less 19th century way to get rid of your sewage because it's a big sign that ...
by Muskegon Critic
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The London-based Control Risks holds itself out as "an independent global risk consultancy specialising in helping organizations manage political, integrity, and security risks in complex and ...
by RLMiller
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No Doubt you've seen the Ads. Natural Gas (NG) Ad heralding itself to be the Clean, Abundant, Safe Fuel of the Future. And best of all Natural Gas is Domestically Produced -- by Americans, for ...
by jamess
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My father was an important executive in the natural gas industry. Before he died in 1997, he had been president of a municipal gas company, president of the Southern Gas Association, and a ...
by corwinabell
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NPR has been investigating the claims of the Hydraulic Fracturing Industry this week, mostly in a clinical, journalistic manner. No 'hearts and flowers' ad sponsors to worry about I guess. One ...
by jamess
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Possibly, I'm a bit late to the drama. In case I'm not alone, though, allow me to present America's future dilemma. Draw up the lines of engagement. Would anyone be surprised that oil and gas ...
by the water guy
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The Deepwater Horizon blowout is releasing massive poison into the Gulf of Mexico. Comparisons go to Bopal, 1984, and Pearl Harbor, 1941. Bopal featured a Union Carbide gas attack that killed 8,000 ...
by vets74
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LNG = Liquefied Natural Gas. ' Can ' = (short for Canard ) ... aka. Ground Water Environmental Protection. Road = Catering to the Status-quo demands of Fossil Fuel suppliers (and their supporters).
by jamess
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Let's play, "Scientist Says!!!!!" The article discussed in this (very stupid) diary comes from the prestigious scientific journal Nature and was published in the August 2001 issue, Vol. 412,
by NNadir
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