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Cross posted on my blog: http://racesandredistricting.blogspot.com/ The 2012 Gubernatorial recall against Scott Walker (R) is going to be very close as 2010 challenger and Milwaukee mayor Tom ...
by Alibguy
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Next week as we all know, the GOP will be having their convention in Tampa. Yesterday morning one of our Kossack members posted a diary about the President's conference call on Friday. Here is the ...
by ekgrulez1
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{ First, a cheap plug for my blog Senate Guru .} 2010 will be chock-full of exciting races at all levels of government. In 2009, though, there will be ...
by Senate Guru
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I have done some looking at gerrymandering and how it cost the Democratic party the US House in this year's election. This isn't deep research, but rather just comparing raw votes with ...
by alswearingen
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While most attention in this forum has been turned to tomorrow's run-off in Arkansas (please, please, PLEASE let Bill Halter win), there is also an important primary taking place here in the state ...
by The Truth Shall Set Ye Free
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As I begin my second in a monthly(eventually bi-weekly) series on predictions in the 2014 midterms and looking at the gubernatorial picture, in the month since I did my first predictions diary, ...
by pistolSO
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I just wanted to take a moment to point you at the latest news out of VA, which holds its primary tomorrow.
by ActBlue
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by Nathaniel Ament Stone
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As promised, I will look at the 36(there are two other ones in territories) gubernatorial elections in 2014. The Republicans dominated this last cycle in 2010, but 2014 looks good for the ...
by pistolSO
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