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Know what these photos are?
by Brandon Friedman
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I got a call last week from Senator Sherrod Brown's Office. The call was prompted by a Kossack whose son had been helped by the Senator’s office. [Thank you, whoever you are!] The call came from ...
by llbear
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When I checked out as an Aircraft Commander I was told that I had two jobs "fly the plane" and "make decisions". That's why I got paid the big bucks. Well, not that big. An Air Force Captain with ...
by Major Kong
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by shortfinals
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I'm biased of course, but I've never felt that the B-52 community got much credit for what we did in the 1991 Gulf War. I learned from the History Channel, back when it still had history, that the F-
by Major Kong
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During the Gulf War fatigue was at least as great a threat to us as enemy action. Maybe more so. The single B-52 lost during the conflict was due to a very tired crew mismanaging some systems ...
by Major Kong
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The imbroglio over former Secretary of State ...
by Jon Perr
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Most people's image of the Gulf War is an F-117 putting a smart-bomb through the air vent of a bunker. Clean, surgical, precise. Pentagon spokespersons and cable news networks ate this kind of thing ...
by Major Kong
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I know that the news has been out for a couple of days now, but I had to think before I put into words, my anger at Secretary Peake of the Veterans Administration and HIS decision ...
by testvet6778
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I have seen many comments on the resignation of one of the worst VA heads in the history of the Veterans Administration in this nation. The veterans of this nation deserve the best care and ...
by testvet6778
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by JLFinch
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'You want me to fly at 50 feet agl? Hell! I'm not CLIMBING for ANYBODY!!' This diary is for exatc - enjoy!
by shortfinals
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by j sundman
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Every war produces some weird stories. The Gulf War was no exception. Some of these happened to me and some were related to me. Some are funny, some are tragic and some are absurd. Keep in mind ...
by Major Kong
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The following is a report from the Army Times on Sarin and Gulf War Syndrom After all this time, from Gulf War I, maybe the thousands that ...
by jimstaro
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I along with 7119 other enlisted men were used in chemical weapons and drug experiments at Edgewood Arsenal between 1955 - 1975. The Department of defense used us in this March ...
by testvet6778
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I want to make this brief, as I have a bunch of papers to grade, but the war has been weighing on my mind a lot as of late and I thought I could get a few things off of my mind by writing this. You ...
by dizzydean
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Today we're ...
by CalNM
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It occured to me the other day that we've been bombing Iraq for over half of my lifetime. Despite billions of tons of high explosives being dropped on this country, the conditions in that country ...
by gjohnsit
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I learned about this story at MSNBC how ...
by Suggestion For A New National Anthem
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