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One of the most bizarre by-products of this election is the total marginalization of mainstream media by ultraconservative politicians. It all started with the infamous Katie Couric interview of ...
by lawsyl
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This is probably not what the National Republican Congressional Committee was expecting when they decided to make the contribution page on their websites targeting Democratic ...
by Laura Clawson
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I see heaps and heaps of comments to the effect of "Well, Dems in Congress haven't come through. They're not representing us. They don't have our backs, why should we get theirs? If they want to ...
by Cedwyn
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Ruh Roh. It looks like Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's ludicrous, backwards, racist-tinger, taxpayer dollars-wasting lawsuit against the federal government over health care reform is ...
by davidkc
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This is good. Changing the narrative, one diary, one comment at a time. It's what we can do at Dkos and in our lives. The Dems are coming back. "Fifth" TV :30 Michael ...
by TomP
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Big news out of Florida, as the St. Pete Times is reporting that Republican Senator Mel Martinez will NOT run for re-election in Florida in 2010.
by turneresq
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Sometimes good candidates lose. Why did ...
by Armando
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No one could've predicted that promising austerity would depress Alex Sink's base turnout! Last night, Republicans narrowly held, 48.4-46.6, a Florida congressional seat narrowly won by President ...
by kos
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I will let Alex Sink, the next Governor of Florida, explain our situation. From Huffington Post.
by Rian Fike
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Hindsight is always 20/20.
by SemDem
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Just got the following email from Ellis Robinson of Ruth's List Florida. Popular Democratic CFO Alex Sink has decided to run for governor! This is very big news for Florida Democrats, and very bad ...
by Susan S
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Here's a screenshot of Democratic congressional candidate Alex Sink's official website for the March 11 special election in Florida's 13th congressional district: Alex Sink's real website: http://...
by Jed Lewison
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August was long, hot, and miserable. While Tropical Storm ...
by NCrissieB
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Wow, this is low. Even for them.
by caseylaw
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Public Policy Polling . 3/24-27. Likely voters. MoE 4.4% (No trend lines) Do you ...
by kos
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I am exhausted. This is the most sustained anger I have ever felt in my life, and it has lasted three and a half weeks. We are well past the ...
by Rian Fike
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Don't get too comfortable, Rick Whoa. Check out the stink lines coming off of Republican Gov. Rick Scott, according to PPP's first poll ...
by David Nir
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The Florida Gubernatorial race is literally too close to call at right now but if it were up to Florida's ...
by norwood
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The Obama Administration's success in getting Congress to finally pass Health Care Reform might have just helped shift the balance of power in Florida. Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, the ...
by route66
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Florida's teachers are, according to the Washington Post, "in full revolt". The Republican State ...
by Rian Fike
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