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Update: See also clammyc's diary on this from earlier today . Good detailed stuff from clammy as always. They say ...
by thereisnospoon
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By now you've surely heard that OccupyWallStreet was NOT evicted. Here is the story that has not been told, until now . . . So Occupy Wall Street and Daily Kos gatecrashed Mayor Bloomberg's jolly ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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In my heart of hearts I know Barack Obama is NOT a political hack. The "problem," IMHO, is that many/most "experienced" Democrats in the professional center are. In ...
by bobswern
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by Dallasdoc
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In an apparent fit of masochism, I was punishing myself this morning by perusing Politico's typically awful coverage of the Democratic National Convention when I stumbled across a bit of reportage ...
by Bob Johnson
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This requires a special sort of stupid. This is a job for Asa Hutchinson. Former DEA chief won’t say why marijuana is different than alcohol Which, of course, it clearly is . Let us not get ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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by jabbausaf
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Just when I thought the AP couldn't sink any further, they are pushing the notion that the race is even because of the fact that those "deemed" likely to vote in their poll chose Obama over McCain 44-
by PittsburghPete
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One of the most aggravating memes for Democrats in the last few years has been "both sides do it." It's the most insulting, idiotic, chickenshit copout you can possibly give for incompetent, venal, ...
by slippytoad
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by Kevin M Nixon, MSA CISSP� CISM� CGEIT� For your protection please, read this ... Social Networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, LiveJournal, etc.) are ...
by Mr Sandman
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I know, I know, I should never be surprised at what passes for "reporting" at the pathetic online rag that is Politico . One of the publication's many lazy stenographers attempting to pass himself ...
by Bob Johnson
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Who are these guys? They want the president to fail. They want America to fail. They want Americans to continue to die, lose jobs and go bankrupt because they are sick and uninsured or denied ...
by GoBlue08
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Salon's War Room blog has given us a fun holiday gift � the 30 biggest hacks of current journamalism list! Folks, there is fun for ...
by itsbenj
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Hillary nailed it. If this was a routine on the balance beam, she's get the gold without any questions asked regardless of the performance of underage Chinese gymnasts. But, of course, that is ...
by Yavin
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I will begin this by saying, we have been through perhaps one of the longest, hard fought, heated, expensive elections in history. So there is no doubt that who ever prevails on Tuesday will be ever ...
by laviemusique
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Looks like Gibson and Stephanopoulos are after Obama again since their hatchet job disguised as a debate: http://abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=5215854&affil=kgtv They neglect to mention that ...
by SDLiberal
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of the Peter Principle. If ever an employee has risen to his level of incompetency it is the painfully incompetent host of Meet the Press.
by msopine
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Cross posted from Blue Virginia I'm not going to waste my time, not to mention valuable brain cells, detailing the shameless hackery, dutiful GOP party line stenography, breathtaking dishonesty, ...
by lowkell
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Kurt Loder seems to have gotten everyone's attention with a lame-assed, conventional-wisdom'd review of SiCKO for MTV - part of the Viacom empire.
by BudMan
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The Republican Tea Party is not a third party. There were a million questions a year ago (not so much now, obviously) about "who are the Tea Party" ? The answer should have been obvious. ...
by trickamsterdam
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