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Sarah Palin doesn't strike me as someone given to introspection and self criticism. So I'm bettin' she's spittin', hoppin' and jumpin' mad at McCain and her handlers by now. Surely she resents ...
by voobop
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GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a self-sustaining community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, suggestions or positive distractions are ...
by bgblcklab1
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Frankly I could care less about sports. If you want competition-- continuous, bloodying, and multi-tiered--stick to politics. However there comes a point in even the continuous game of politics ...
by SteamPunkX
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There is a good chance that McCain will throw another Hail Mary pass by next week. Other diarists on KOS are expressing this idea as well. My Republican sister in law even thinks this. McCain's ...
by braffit
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With polling data and tracking sites showing an easy win for Obama if the elections were held today it's tempting to think that it's over. In all ...
by Whiskeytea
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Hail Mobil, full of gas. Our faith is with thee. Blessed art thou among corporations, humans, and fetuses, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, money. Holy Mobil, mother of gas. Pay no ...
by Floyd Blue
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This year seems like one of those B-grade horror movies that I would watch television on a wintry Saturday afternoon in Michigan in the 60's. The Monster That Wouldn't Die seems to have resurrected ...
by derapsofphoenix
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Everyone's been scratching their heads, wondering whether McCain effectively conceded the election on Tuesday: where was the game changer? everyone is saying. I think it was there and we just haven'...
by Jim vdH
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As a fan and regular reader of BarbinMD 's very useful series of entries on the candidates' schedules, I wondered to myself... who's been preparing,
by scrape
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John "Maverick" McCain might think he and his Rovean acolyte "Stevo" just stumbled on to a genius plan of getting disaffected hillary supporters to his team, but I beg to differ...Question is what ...
by bharatb
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From Clintonopedia , the encyclopedia of ...
by Tom Ball
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