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It appears that--based upon the ongoing analysis of reports on two economy-related stories that started to develop late on Tuesday--the shit may, indeed, be hitting the fan concerning late-breaking ...
by bobswern
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My wife and I flew into Harrisburg, PA this weekend to canvass for Obama and to meet up with one of my friends and three other volunteers coming up from D.C. after we have been in South Carolina, ...
by davidcstanton
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http://blog.pennlive.com/pennsyltucky/2008/04/by_train_plane_and_bus_candida.html Obama announced plans for what his campaign is calling a five-day "On Track for Change" Tour that ...
by JPZenger
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As a Democracy For America scholarship winner, I've had more opportunities over the past week than most young people could ever dream. I attended NN14 and learned what the progressive blogger ...
by ckennedy
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A Harrisburg, PA right-wing radio host joined the chorus of Obama-Nazi comparisons on Thursday. Ken Matthews, on WHP-AM said that if people still support Obama, "You know what you are? If you ...
by MorrillMajority
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On Wednesday morning I went to Harrisburg to "Rally on the Rotunda." Teachers from all over Pennsylvania were there - furloughed and not furloughed. We were there for a very important reason - to ...
by I teach music
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The horrific bashing of a gay couple in Philadelphia by a mob of men and women has been well covered here, particularly by librarisingnsf ,
by Chrislove
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Suspect in shooting death of Enola lawyer was arming rebel group, district attorney says ...
by zion
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The rain held off until the ride home. Mostly sunny skies had slowly darkened until the clouds overhead let loose with heavy downpours of rain. We pulled off the road into a Pennsylvania Turnpike ...
by greywolfe359
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I just got back from voting for Barack in State College, PA, and I won a challenge against the local eleciton officials. I got a digital camera out to photograph my ballot, and they said "NO". I ...
by KristineTheProgressive
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Happy Tuesday to Pennsylvania Democrats indeed! http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/main/2013/03/corbett-in-dire-shape-for-reelection....
by poopdogcomedy
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Where's the public outrage? In the next two years Pennsylvania electricity rates could increase as much as 60% in just one year. And nothing could be more regressive – poor and middle-class ...
by PilotLarry
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Some observations on stepping out onto the grassroots of politics. This is not about why we support Obama - that's been covered eloquently and debated fully on this site and others. This diary is ...
by gpclay
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Joe the “Plumber” doesn’t know that card check is already the law. Video of Joe in Harrisburg, PA today. Prior to this video, off camera, he admits he hasn’t read the ...
by Michael Morrill
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Few Americans understand just how thoroughly corporate interests have corrupted our government and destroyed its ability to be effective. Ninety-nine per cent of the Republicans in Congress and a ...
by tulvania
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Editorial from Saturday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -- and there's a separate article after the jump: If Sen. Piccola ...
by BenPA
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by State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA
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A blog post by Mark Price, originally published at Third and State .
by ThirdandState
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