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I found this video today, and it does an amazing job of explaining the public plan, and knocking down some of the sillier counter-arguments against it. It might be a bit remedial to some of the ...
by tunesmith
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Yesterday, the Tri-Caucus, which is made up of the Congressional Black ...
by slinkerwink
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Our phone calls are working. Our e-mails are working. Our faxes are working.
by slinkerwink
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The Third Way , a think tank that calls itself "progressive" but really isn't a progressive think tank, came out ...
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A majority of polls have shown that Americans, time after time, favor a strong Medicare-like public option that is immediately available, can deliver quality health care with affordable premiums, ...
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The HuffingtonPost has a report about the DNC dropping nearly half a million dollars on an anti-public ...
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I wrote a few days ago about why regional co-operatives aren't an acceptable alternative ...
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Time after time again, Senator Lieberman has made a laughingstock of the Democratic Party. He's like a rotten, spoiled child who knows he can get away with anything he wants because he knows he won'...
by slinkerwink
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I had a most pleasant surprise as I picked up my newspaper this morning. On the front page of The Oregonian is an article entitled "Health reform foes have vested interest". Its subtitle ...
by nandssmith
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This article in the Washington Post is utterly ridiculous. The strong efforts of our allies,
by slinkerwink
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This is precisely why we need the public option as a cost containment in the final bill product, and why we MUST work hard to influence the final conference report! According to the ...
by slinkerwink
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The national debate on health reform has uncovered innumerable “health care horror stories” in ...
by Dr Fox
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Today, we NEED you guys to call these 65 Democrats in the House to tell them that you don't want them to ...
by slinkerwink
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TPMDC has this shocking story about Senator Nelson. ...
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Short and simple. Whereas some Democrats in Congresss have remained inappropriately deferential to the Supreme Court and others have hinted a possible lack of legitimacy for the Court were it to ...
by Geekesque
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Want to fight back against the crappy "Fauc-us" so-called health reform bill by Senator Baucus? We NEED you guys to put even more pressure on the House today with your phone calls!
by slinkerwink
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This morning will be my last day at work. I've spent the past six months learning what I do and do not like about state government here in Texas. The people at my ...
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There's currently a diary on the recommended list making arguments in favor ...
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A look at Kay Hagan's OpenCongress web page shows that her single largest contributor in the 2008 election was Act Blue Act ...
by Magster
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