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Now that the REALLY COLD WEATHER is arriving for most of us, I thought I would repost this - for those who missed it the first time around - and to permit the addition of any new ideas or thoughts ...
by GayIthacan
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Poverty IS a Progressive issue The last time I heard from khloemi was the first week of July - the day of my wedding. By the time I returned from my honeymoon, she ...
by it really is that important
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If there is a road to Hell it is I-40 into Needles, California. The combination of intense desert heat and Colorado river valley humidity streaming from the steaming Gulf of California makes it, ...
by FishOutofWater
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Hat Tip to DESIGNSNAKE for seeding this story. The largest fire in Alaska ...
by colorado bob 1
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The massive heatwave crushing the middle part of the country is moving east, after claiming 22 ...
by weatherdude
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DC's a bit of a ghost-town right now, I know that lots of people are on vacation, but beyond that there's a significant majority that's choosing to be outside as little as possible. It is pretty ...
by erratic
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I have never REALLY known cold. I am a middle class white American of Jewish background. The house in which I grew up had an old oil burner, for which fuel had to be delivered. It heated hot ...
by teacherken
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For most of the country, it's Thanksgiving Day. People are indoors, warm and safe, enjoying good food and the company of family and friends. I think it's pretty safe to say that anyone here ...
by Aji
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Have you ever been truly cold? I don't mean a little chilly; I don't mean shivering occasionally. I mean the kind of cold that sinks bone-deep, that simultaneously numbs and burns hands and feet,
by Aji
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I just took Athena the Wonder Dog out for her midnight constitutional and the heat just bored right into us. At midnight here in Northern Virginia, the temperature is 85 degrees and the feels-...
by noweasels
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by carolanne
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When you think of this national park, what comes to mind? For instance, this view:
by richholtzin
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Lightning flashes, thunder rolls and the sky can be as black as soy ink. Does it rain? Heck no. Not here, anyway. I hear stories from the Denverites, and news sites abound with the torrential rains, ...
by Merry Light
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Q: What did the pig say at the beach on a hot summer's day? A: I'm bacon! How Hot Is It? It was so hot... All the corn on the stalks started ...
by TexDem
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Cindy Taylor reported on February 3rd that the price of one gallon of propane heating fuel was up to $5.00 on the reservation. Please be assured that even a donation of just $5.00 will help. ...
by weck
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Today, we continue and finish our simmering tour of the Big Valley straddling Nevada and California. This setting truly has it all, including one of the most clear and majestic celestial displays ...
by richholtzin
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Ice: "Nobody can claim this was caused by global warming. On the other hand nobody can claim ...
by LaFeminista
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by farmerchuck
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by FishOutofWater
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I heat with wood (if you have questions or criticisms about that, see the end of this diary). Every once in a while a fire brick in my wood stove crumbles to pieces, usually the ones in the back, ...
by Muskegon Critic
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