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The largest military operation in Afghanistan since the 2001 ouster of the Taliban is under way. Two hours after the passing of holy Friday, U.S. Predator and Apache aircraft launched missiles at ...
by Setrak
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The news reports all concur, the new American "strategy" being unveiled with the assault on Marjah in Helmand Province consists of clearing "bad guys" from an area then "rushing in" development aid, ...
by Ralph Lopez
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Four years ago, the British and NATO launched Operation Eagle's Summit in Afghanistan. They wanted to get 80 tons of turbine up to the Kajaki dam. The dam provides electricity to Helmand province ...
by Garrett
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Some five decades ago, U.S. engineers went into the desert of Helmand to build irrigation canals. These canals brought water down from the bend of the Helmand River, turning a patch of desert into ...
by Setrak
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As the world prepares for a turkey shoot in Marjah village , Helmand Province in which civilian lives will matter less than body ...
by Ralph Lopez
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What follows is an edited diary sent to me by a friend, Chris Lincoln Jones, who has spent the last eight months in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He would have posted this himself, except for ...
by Brit
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Author's note: I published this diary about the Kajaki dam last year. Like most Afghanistan diaries, it didn't get much readership. So I'm republishing it now. Slightly revisited : In May, ...
by Garrett
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KABUL — Afghan President Hamid Karzai has sacked five provincial governors, including a key Western ally in one of the most turbulent battlegrounds of the south, officials said Thursday. ...
by Garrett
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(Cross-posted at Return Good for Evil ) Having just seen The Hangover , I'm tempted to ask if the U.S. ...
by dcrowe
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Slightly old story, but still illustrative of the general problem facing military strategy in the next few years... ((youtube xN2xSGlboG8)) WTF are we going to do with this Afghanistan place?
by Salo
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Developing the Infrastructure . An short history of early U.S. development efforts in Afghanistan. The Helmand Valley Authority (HVA) was one of the most ambitious and complex undertakings in the ...
by Garrett
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by dcrowe
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Not exactly revelations but Karzai, really didn't appear to value the input of British troops in Helmand. It appears to be the case that the Americans had no particular affection for the "borrowers" ...
by Salo
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