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In the past few weeks, it has come to my personal attention that one cable or satellite company after another has been quietly moving MSNBC away from the news channel section of their lineup and ...
by fractal
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Mitt Romney in a nutshell!
by concernedamerican
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Secretary of Explaining Stuff. President Clinton: "Now the last thing I want to say is, I had a lot of fun down at the Democratic Convention talking bout Arithmetic, but I listened very ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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It's been asked on multiple news shows, by concerned citizens here on Daily Kos, and by right-wing nutjobs like Phyllis Schafly alike: where has Sarah Palin been hiding? Doesn't McCain want her ...
by Nissl
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Seriously? Are the Caymen Islands big enough? I cannot even imagine a trillion dollars (let alone a million dollars). I have enough problems just hanging on to my 12k a year from those who want a ...
by roseeriter
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She has become the the line in the sand that demarcates the difference between unscrupulous versus unwavering. Sometimes it is just as important to become the antithesis of noble, and thus the ...
by teutonic13
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We've all been told that Osama bin Laden is hiding out in a cave in Pakistan. ...
by Brahman Colorado
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My blog, Heartless and Brainless , features contributors across the entire political spectrum. One of our resident conservatives conducted a ...
by Guancous
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There was the following tidbit in an abc news article touting the GOP's fundraising success with Palin on the ticket: ...
by smithnewyork
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by spirit guided trucker
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I am noticing when I look at tea party videos/pics the partiers are often donning shades and ball caps. I wonder if this is because of weather or if it is being used as a means to hide thier ...
by themoderateman
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Another vetting diary. Let's get to brass "tax" here. Why are Hillary Clinton and John McCain refusing to release their tax returns? She compares herself to McCain.
by First Amendment
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I want my politicians to be honest. Honest with me, honest with the public in general. So what does it tell you when John McCain and Sarah Palin cant even be honest from the start.
by Doppel
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