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As a teacher in a Chinese university who doesn't care that the government here blocks Facebook, because I don't like Facebook, anyway, I often send mass emails back to my friends in the states so ...
by Toddlerbob
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"What do I do with the numbers? What problem do I write down?" These are the question more of my students than I like ask each time they are confronted ...
by mommyof3
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This is a short review of David Hursh's High-Stakes Testing and the Decline of Teaching and Learning . Hursh's book is important because it achieves three important aims: 1) to ...
by Cassiodorus
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How many instuctional days do you have with your students? I know that we cannot reasonably compare those across our assorted disciplines and levels of teaching by using numbers of days. Let's ...
by mommyof3
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We all remember the "Texas Miracle" that President George W. Bush touted as the future of education in the United States: simply put, testing plus accountability equals drastically decreased dropout ...
by EquationDoc
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by Sidof79
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In light of repeated cheating scandals on standardized tests in school districts across the country, the Education Department recently asked members of the public for ideas on how to prevent, detect ...
by Hyde Park Johnny
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Superintendent Heath Morrison along with Montgomery County Schools (MD) Superintendent Joshua Starr has challenged the costs of pursuing once again new standards and (more)
by plthomasEdD
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Yesterday Bush helicoptered in to General Phillip Kearney Elementary School in Philadelphia to declare both Mission Accomplished and Stay the Course in the "last policy address" he will give as ...
by jenbie44
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In South Carolina and across the U.S., conservative leadership of education reform has failed to fulfill a foundational commitment to traditional values, good stewardship of public funds. [1] The ...
by plthomasEdD
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Today is the 84th birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. When he and other civil-rights leaders fought for equal schooling in the decades after World War 2, they never would have imagined the ...
by SDorn
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I am pretty new to dailykos but trying to do what little I can to help bring attention to the assaults on public education (via the massive misuse and overuse of standardized tests). My apologies if ...
by tauna roges
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