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Every so often, rather then discuss politics, especially when so many do it so well, I turn to what I do for a living, which is technology. I am an outside network consultant right now to 8 ...
by Chris Reeves
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Lucky lucky me. My husband and our great friend (and fly fisherman extraordinaire) "M" conspired to put me on some realllly nice trout earlier this month. Being relatively new to the sport (...
by Lisa Lockwood
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Shortfinals did not queue a diary this eveing, so I am filling in. Most everyone likes models, and model airplanes have captured the imagination for well over a hundred years. Many of the early ...
by Otteray Scribe
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Every day is a new day and with that, a new opportunity. EVERYONE is welcome and please join us each morning at 7:30 AM PACIFIC to tell us what you're working on, share your show & tell , vent, ...
by paradise50
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Do you have any past hobbies you really don't do anymore? I've had hobbies that I was really into in the past that I no longer do. The main reason is due to how things have changed over the ...
by paradise50
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I'm sure you've all heard the expression "Take with a grain of salt". While some sources go into serious detail on the origins of this ...
by CaliSista
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As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group is for us to check in at to let people know we are alive, doing OK, and not affected by such things as heat, blizzards, floods, wild fires, ...
by broths
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This diary is part of a continuing series on living with Asperger's Syndrome. If you wish to know more about my diagnosis, you should start here. Hello everyone. I've had a fairly busy summer, but I'
by Homer177
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I like scenery, and hiking, and wilderness, and epic landscapes. I like aerial photography too, and have taken up videography {ground-based} the last few years. One lazy Sunday a few weeks ago I ...
by jamess
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As we take our first steps into the Tens decade, it is only natural that we look back on the Ohs that just ended. Personally, on the cusp of becoming a grandfather for the first time, the contrast ...
by Rian Fike
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I met an elderly lady the other day who was having one of the rooms in her home remodeled to suit her hobbies, which included sewing, quilting and stamp collecting. As she described the features ...
by Keith930
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Have you ever woken up to find Indian people in your tree? I have. And I couldn't have been more thrilled about it. I'm sure you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about so let me explain:
by newyorknewyork
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I have a confession to make...one that I'm not proud of. But I'll get there in a minute. Let me start with the backstory. My grandmother was a dedicated genealogist. I think it came partly from ...
by SDChelle
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If you are reading this it's almost certain you are familiar with the phrase " 11 dimensional chess ". Obviously no such game exists on Earth. But one game comes close to living up to the concept ...
by Quicklund
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A brief rant on the shit I'm into.
by Spencer Troxell
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by tubalefty
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