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I had the privilege -- and terror -- of sharing my "personal story" at a press conference held Thursday by the Obama/Biden campaign. In the Georgia Capitol Building's grand rotunda, Georgia Labor ...
by sboucher
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That's what the BBC is saying to Americans today. Memorial Day smells still linger on in our homes and we are greeted with these headlines:
by don mikulecky
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FINAL UPDATE: MiscastDice and I met today (Tuesday, Dec. 2). MiscastDice is a VERY nice, kind and beautiful person. Seemed a bit embarrassed about taking the money we raised (...
by katanalori
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Here they are, the homes MCCAIN wants to keep a secret from american voters. The homes that would expose how out of touch he is. The inside scoop on the homes John McCain wants kept under wraps ...
by debbieleft
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Imagine, if you will, giving the best years of your youth to your government, fighting for your life overseas, and seeing friends and enemies die on what seems like a daily basis. When your ...
by Black Leather Rain
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So I'm driving along this afternoon, when I hear on the local talk radio about how global warming has been "debunked." Then some caller bitches about the Democrats in Congress using health care ...
by rhetoricus
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Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with Republican politicans and the people that vote for them? Where and how did they lose their sense of humanity?
by GlowNZ
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In Minneapolis, where I live, highway off-ramps and busy intersections are often populated with homeless people. Many hold the familiar cardboard signs, with messages scrawled in magic marker, ...
by djmiklethun
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I work in a utility call center. I'd like to share a few painful stories of calls that I have taken over the past few months. They are ordinary Americans fighting to keep their lights on and their ...
by realwischeese
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This was in my INBOX this morning: Subject: Everyone is Disappearing They took Eric while he was changing his battery in his car. Claimed he lived in his car. A few ...
by Clay Claiborne
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Yesterday a group of DailyKos kossacks sojourned down to meet with some of the most scape-goated, reviled, & hated people in our country. It was a journery I wish every kossack could make at some ...
by catilinus
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I know this is a bad time to reach out to everyone, but there is a Veteran in Dallas I’ve been trying to help. He is married, out of the service a couple of years and a full-...
by llbear
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by One Pissed Off Liberal
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I just returned from the annual conference of the National Health Care for the Homeless Council , where the link between medical bankruptcy and homelessness was ...
by DrSteveB
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by Mass Southpaw
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A woman walks into a homeless shelter in Tallahassee . She is immediately propositioned by the staff person in charge of incomings, who makes it clear she had best go home with him that night ...
by jpmassar
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Apparently she sent him to the "wrong" school, which was the school she thought would give her child the best education. She had no home so there wasn't an address she could say the child lived at. ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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In the fall of 1935, I got a job loading and unloading apples. The job paid 35 cents. My employer, Mr. Elder, was a man in his middle seventies, the owner of a large orchard of apple and peach ...
by This old man
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by londonbear
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I have had a really rough time of things lately. After straightening out my life over the past year and a half, I lost my job last week, and I also lost my lodging. The former is through no fault of ...
by Colorado is the Shiznit
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