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Here they are, the homes MCCAIN wants to keep a secret from american voters. The homes that would expose how out of touch he is. The inside scoop on the homes John McCain wants kept under wraps ...
by debbieleft
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What if you could build an attractive, energy-efficient home for as little as $10/sqft? Think it's impossible? Think again. Find out how below the fold.
by ThatPoshGirl
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by Al Rodgers
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I am slow sometimes, I often miss stories or overlook them. I blame those nagging things like, I don't know, work family and responsibilities that keep my attention away from what goes on in the ...
by idbecrazyif
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We work with 30 large auto dealer groups across the country. All credit applications are now being denied. One dealer, a huge Dodge dealer in Georgia was just told by 2 major lenders that the "...
by thedaybeforeyesterday
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Minutes ago, the Prime Minister of New Zealand announced a couple of staggering ...
by GlowNZ
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This is 100% Grade-A OUTRAGEOUS! DEKALB COUNTY SHERIFF OUSTS FAMILY (AGES 83, 62, 3) FROM THEIR HOME AT 3 AM DURING EVICTION RAID The scene early this morning at 3662 Wellhaun Road ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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I'm going to show you where my dad lives in Denver I went to visit my dad in Denver from last Thursday through yesterday. I hadn't been back there to visit in 3 years. He came to visit me about ...
by paradise50
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I find it absolutely infuriating that those who have invested in purchasing a home, and can no longer make payments on that home, are somehow entitled to keep that home. Why? How ...
by WinSmith
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Of course you do! Whether Romney will be McSame’s running mate or not, I thought it’d be fun to do a Robin Leach type tour tied in with a "Follow the Money" approach to ...
by dmhlt 66
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I gotta tell you - I LOVE this community. tassojunior posted this comment in turneresq'...
by RenaRF
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So every night after dinner, as we sit here and settle into our entertainment for the evening and the usual cat slavery, I announce, "I love my house!" and have done so since we moved in months ago.
by Mortifyd
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All the time, people have questions on how its done. Do you haggle? What situation is appropriate for haggling? The answers to the above are: yes, I do and 'almost any buyer/seller situation'. ...
by xysea
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Time’s oversimplification diminishes the complexities and diversity of movement-building. The cover story and its powerful imagery imply that to win a social movement, one need only tie on a ...
by PauPau
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Today's "Cheers & Jeers" featured a Poll on which one of the eight houses that John Sidney McCain III and Cindy Lou (Hensley) McCain own is our very favorite. I poked around in "Cheers & Jeers" ...
by dmhlt 66
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It’s not that the images of Mitt and his family on their jet skis and their boats bother me too much (especially since I can’t afford a vacation since I’m saving for one little apartment), but ...
by Laura Wnderer
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Now that home prices have rolled to rock bottom in many areas of the country, banks, investors and greedy fortune seekers are looking to exploit the large pool of renters and displaced homeowners ...
by truthseeking missile
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Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s annual Green Buildings Open House and the American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) National Solar Tour, helps kick off National Energy ...
by gmoke
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Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) continues to fight for those who's mortgages are underwater: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-02-01/mortgage-push-deutsche-bank-college-finance-compliance....
by poopdogcomedy
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I really wonder if the majority of the American people would really support this if asked if given a choice: How would you want Congress to spend $3Billion in US taxpayers money? 1. Rebuilding ...
by Tom J
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