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Not much apparently ... just delete the file (the proposed legislation), scrub the ALEC Watermark, submit it again -- and hope no one will notice. Unfortunately, far too often, no one ever does ...
by jamess
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Here are some selected opinions on ALEC ( American Legislative Exchange Council ) from an ALEC insider , as recently posted on the rightwing blog Redstate.com: The Truth About ALEC by positiveenerg,
by jamess
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Sara Schmidt is not just talking about changing education, she is actually in the trenches. She is unschooling her daughter and she has given us a wonderful essay about it.
by TPau
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Cross-posted at MotherTalkers . Hello fellow moms, dads and caregivers! I am back with you weekly parenting news update. Here are some topics we ...
by Elisa
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I think parents helping with, managing, or even doing their kids homework is a big untold story of how many families cope today with keeping their kids “in the game” of conventional ...
by leftyparent
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Cross-posted at MotherTalkers . Good morning fellow moms, dads and caregivers! I am back with your weekly parenting news update. Thank you for ...
by Elisa
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A friend, who is a teacher and should know better, just re-posted one of those apocalyptic rants about Common Core. It was one of the ones with "old fashion" (sic) math compared to Common Core and ...
by vickijean
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What's up all? My family is in the thick of the holiday season, which means back-to-back birthday parties for kids with November and December birthdays plus holiday parties. I am already burned out ...
by Elisa
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My name is Rand Paul and I’m a candidate for President of the student council. Let me tell you why I am running. I remember my freshman year. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, ...
by johnblu
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My friend, Lynn Stoddard, a veteran retired educator, is the author of four books and numerous articles on child-centered education reform. I asked him if I could republish his most recent guest ...
by leftyparent
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On this morning's "roundtable" discussion on WAMC radio (NPR affiliate in upstate NY, VT and Western Mass), one of the panelists argued that President Obama has never tried to reach out to ...
by dark11star
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I'm sure not many people are aware, but I'm working toward a degree in Journalism (and Broadcasting, but that's a different diary). I also work in the News Department of the local NBC affiliate. ...
by mhopeg
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