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I'd never heard of Euglena until I came across this item on motherboard . The article explains how a Japanese company is tranforming this organism from a trendy (in Japan at least) nutritional ...
by martinjedlicka
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I thought that this was News-worthy, and decided to recap it, in case you missed it. Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA), member of ...
by jamess
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... except for the dang Environmentalists and Protesters ... Nobody could have foreseen the Dangers, Except for them ... but they don't count.
by jamess
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The Cost of Fukushima docsgreen.blogspot.com -- 31 March 2011 How much will the Fukushima nuclear power ...
by jamess
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Entergy? No it's not a Typo ... Nor a new form of 'Green Energy'. "Entergy" is a Nuclear Energy Corporation operating Vermont. And according to VT ...
by jamess
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Operation Iraqi Freedom icasualties.org Iraq Coalition Military Fatalities By Year Year US UK Other Total 2003 486 53 41 580 2004 849 22 35 906 2005 846 23 28 897 2006 823 29 21 873 2007 ...
by jamess
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Design Flaw Fueled Nuclear Disaster by Norihiko Shirouzu and Chester Dawson, Wall Street ...
by jamess
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I've learned that you can discover some really interesting things listening to people talk about their concerns, which is to say eavesdropping. This last week, I learned something pretty ...
by denis diderot
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Rearing cattle produces more greenhouse gases than driving cars, UN report warns When emissions from land use and land use change are included, the livestock sector ...
by terryhallinan
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Canvassing for Obama, I encountered many reluctant converts who chose to vote for “hope” and “change” despite their long-standing cynical conviction that “politicians ...
by WearyIdealist
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Recently, there has been a blizzard of editorials about the need for conservation of oil and gas. While I heartily agree with this position, I fear the American public is merely at tilting at ...
by myles spicer
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There is an overwhelming amount of economic pessimism here, and much of it is warranted. Having been marginally employed and/or unemployed for the last 2 years+ I have a better idea of this than ...
by Mister Gloom
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Rising oil prices- back over 4 dollars due to Ike- have pushed America and the world towards alternatives to oil. It no longer matters whether the ANWR or offshore reefs are opened up for drilling; ...
by Volume Control
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*TILTING AT WINDMILLS* Ok, it's only for ONE second at 1:55 in the *Believe* video, but we get a shot of a wind farm. It's a beautiful image - very cool that a popular song reinforces the ...
by MsGrin
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