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We’ve seen the following scenario more than a few times before: a proposed massive tax cut is proposed – focusing mainly on the upper 5% or on corporate interest groups. Many ...
by clammyc
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by Stirling Newberry
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[http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/14/us/politics/14web-stim.html This story leads] the New York Times website at this hour: Congress on Friday approved a $787 billion economic stimulus ...
by Seneca Doane
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Good morning from Faneuil Hall in Boston! Today at noon, Senator John Kerry will be delivering a policy speech at historic Faneuil Hall . ...
by MH in PA
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"Donnie," ...
by davidsirota
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by Something the Dog Said
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The Republicans are right about one thing: the "stimulus bill" is now much less of a stimulus bill than it ought to be. We will -- once Franken is in the Senate and Gregg is gone, perhaps with his ...
by Seneca Doane
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This adminstration has lied the country into a ruinous war, trillions more in debt, and a hollowed out our domestic economy. But Limbaugh says it is Charlie Rangel dreams of "destroying America." ...
by Conceptual Guerilla
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Tax day is almost upon us and it is this time of year that the right wing begins to visit us with arguments about why the tax code ...
by doctoraaron
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I was going to bury President Obama in critism, not praise him. That was until I fully read the what exactly what was in the deal that was just struck. Now, I am with the tax the rich crowd, even ...
by Patience John
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Three minute excerpt.
by Conceptual Guerilla
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The Republicans are talking "compromise" on certain "loopholes" and "deductions" to increase tax "revenue". This is palatable pablum that they can spoon feed to their base because there is no ...
by Taxmancometh
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It was fun to see Bloomberg's Al Hunt channel the Republicans in his interview with Charles Rangel the other day. Rangel has introduced a broad tax reform plan covering several parts of the code. ...
by DemandSide
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As word of President Obama's proposed first budget leaked this weekend, ...
by Jon Perr
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The Senate's Alternative Minimum Tax Tax Relief bill failed as the result of a Republican filibuster. The Republicans required 60 votes to allow the bill to move to debate on the Senate floor ...
by The Big E
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