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The last bastion for bigots actively working to curtail the civil rights of gay people is proclaiming that we choose to be gay. This assertion gives them license to completely dismiss us and work to ...
by Steven Payne
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by pastordan
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Earlier this year, Representative Anthony Weiner and New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras stirred up controversy by demanding the sale and removal of a statue entitled Triumph of Civic Virtue.
by RfrancisR
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Here is a sticky wicket. Should respect for cultural differences go both ways? Or better yet, where do we draw the line between respecting another's cultural differences, as opposed to allowing ...
by GreenMother
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Or, more formally, "Who told thee that thou wast naked? " Thus spake God to Adam and Eve, after they broke the rules, and deigned to "be as gods, knowing good and evil." https://www.bible.com/ ...
by NancyWH
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Was the now-infamous sex-toy demonstration at Northwestern a consensual experience among students on a college campus or a pointless display that left all sex ed open for attack? Maybe it was both.
by RH Reality Check
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A Friday night diversion that I suspect might be of mild interest to some Kossacks. How many sexual partners have you had? The rantin, righteous, righties would claim progressives and liberals ...
by deepsouthdoug
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Happy Birthday,Maggie Kuhn. Celebrating Maggie Kuhn fits in perfectly to the mission of TSM, for she embodied the threads of social justice. Kuhn was an activist fighting ageism, and founded the ...
by TheSolipsisticMe
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Brooklyn, NY. Having only recently discovered Franketienne – in the way that Columbus “discovered&...
by jimluce
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