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“It's called the American Dream because you'd have to be asleep to believe it.” George Carlin This diary was prompted by the exemplary work of davidseth who ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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This is a weak simulation of what our government does to people on a daily basis who have not only been held without charges but have been cleared for release as well. Rapper and MC Yasiin Bey, ...
by jpmassar
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Mos Eisley? The Texas Senate? Washington DC? No, today I'm talking about California's Prison system. And not those behind the bars. Yesterday, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle , the ...
by jpmassar
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It's bad enough that almost 12,000 adults are in solitary confinement in California's prisons currently, each with an average "sentence" of five years - some for twenty and at least one for forty. ...
by jpmassar
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Governor Brown has been attempting to thwart Federal Court orders to reduce California's prison population for, well, as long as he's been Governor in his elder incarnation. He has done everything ...
by jpmassar
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As I type this, a delectable, carbohydrate filled pretzel bagel from Servatti's is busy baking in the convection oven of my favorite coffee shop. Within the next minute or so that bagel will be ...
by Virally Suppressed
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by Maryscott OConnor
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Some people chain themselves to the White House fence , the Texas Senate railing or a bulldozer for a cause they feel is just. Some ...
by jpmassar
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by Welshman
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After years of reports showing rampant abuse in immigrant detention centers nationwide immigrants in the sprawling Northwest Detention Center have gone on hunger strike in an attempt to improve the ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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A long-running hunger strike at Guant�namo Bay gained several participants in recent weeks amid complaints over conditions at a new unit of the prison. All were being force-fed through tubes, ...
by Rippen Kitten
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I know it's sacrilege to mess with this song, but the days of Johnny Cash playing concerts in California prisons are over, replaced by Governor Jerry Brown whining about federal judges sticking ...
by Mark Fiore
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As I suggested could happen back before this all started ("Will Brown order force-feeding?"), California is now seeking ways to force-feed prisoners , despite prison policy being to let inmates die ...
by jpmassar
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by davidseth
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Somewhere deep in the bowels of the California Prison bureaucracy a rule was conceived of : Corrections policy is not to declare a hunger strike until inmates miss nine meals. And thus today it ...
by jpmassar
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Following are excerpts from a recent letter from Eva "Amazon" Contreraz, a transgender California inmate, to her supporters. Like many transgender and mentally ill prisoners, she has been taken in ...
by jpmassar
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The first days of the hunger strike came and went without so much as a mention in such esteemed mainstream journals as the New York ...
by jpmassar
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It all began with an amazing victory: A federal judge declared California's prison medical system unconstitutional. In 2005, Judge Thelton Henderson found in Plata v Schwarzenegger on behalf of ...
by jpmassar
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You are a cleaner at Camden Yards, a publicly owned baseball stadium. You will work all night - but first you must arrive at least 2 hours before your scheduled time. You get in line and wait. When ...
by Harriet Tubman
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Today begins the second week, Day 15, of California's prisoners' hunger strike. More than 1000 prisoners (1) likely remain committed to the strike. Yesterday, the New York Times, in a blistering ...
by jpmassar
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