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File this one in the "I-kid-you-not" category. Just about any idiot knows that mixing hydrogen and a spark is a recipe for disaster. Think Hindenburg. According to a story in The Detroit ...
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The New York Times and New York's political class are often attacked as bastions of wealthy, out-of-touch elites whose world view is completely divorced from that of most middle-class Americans. ...
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Several weeks ago MissLaura wrote a story about how the actions of the United Auto Workers and the Big Three (Ford, GM, Daimler-...
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For a few years, I owned a Prius. God, I loved that car. But it got creamed twice, and I couldn't get a wire crate large enough for my dog into it. I traded it in for a used RAV4, so I'd have the ...
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I just checked out Johnedwards.com and Elizabeth Edwards has just written a blog about going green. It's refreshing to see politicians taking action themselves rather then just talking about it.
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Around the globe, there seems to be a renaissance in automobile design with (I hope, with fingers crossed) ever more attention to energy efficiency ...
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