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Bud Purdy was so revered in Idaho that even a bunch of Republicans pay tribute to him.
by Joan McCarter
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As usual, I am in no position to be writing here as I'm under heavy writing deadlines. However , after reading today that GOP legislators in Michigan, Okalahoma,
by mahakali overdrive
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Hold on to your hats- I used to live in a deeeeeeeep blue district where Democrats ran unopposed. Holy crap! That doesn't happen in red states! That impossible! Nope. It's true. I was a ...
by BoiseBlue
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Once upon a time firearms were banned from the Idaho State Capital building. Then some pro-gun folks declared 'freedom' and the ban was dropped. So imagine the irony today when some nut decided to ...
by LieparDestin
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Over the last week and a half, I have found myself wearing through tires, burning gas, speaking to legislators and representatives and doing whatever I could short of throwing bricks to bring ...
by Chris Reeves
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This op-ed in the NYTimes this morning by Prof. Greg Hampikian, Boise State University in Idaho, has written a must-read masterpiece of weaponized snark. The Idaho legislature has a bill pending ...
by triplepoint
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As an occasional diary contributor to Daily Kos, I recently got an email urging me to post some more. It said in part: "With the election over, there’s a lot to talk about where Democrats must go—
by Idaho07
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Yes, it's really true. The 10th grade science teacher is being investigated by the Professional Standards Commission of his school, for uttering the word vagina during a biology lesson. Some ...
by eXtina
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Can't you just feel it? I feel it. On Tuesday red state Idaho quadrupled the attendees of caucus attendees from '04. 21,000 attended. More were turned away by space limitations or avalanches. I ...
by Larry LaRocco
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Some of the very most interesting political leaks aren't the illegal acts of crusading disaffected insiders. Rather, they're simple boneheaded misjudgements, made in haste and repented at long ...
by DocDawg
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Markos Moulitsas brought the Idaho Democrats to their feet at the Boise, Idaho Frank Church Dinner March 1, 2008 saying the country will look to Idaho, not for cheap bathroom jokes but for an ...
by theworksanddays
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We're in Idaho, this time According to Idaho police, the two intoxicated men walked into the Post Falls Walmart and proceeded to remove BB guns from boxes, before loading one and firing it four ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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OK DKsters, you remember how I reported a few weeks ago that Boise State University gave away more than a thousand tickets to see Al Gore ...
by Red State Rebel
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by Laura Clawson
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Court watchers here in Idaho had an inkling this was going to happen, and now it has. A federal judge has declared Idaho'...
by Joan McCarter
Comment Count 126 comments on Tue May 13, 2014 at 05:32 PM PDT with 246 Recommends
Warning: Some of the language and imagery used in this diary may not be appropriate for those who have suffered abuse. Update: 11:15am pst--I have to get to work, but will return later. I hope the ...
by cany
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From AP , via USA Today : BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho's governor says the corrections department will take over operation of the largest privately-run prison in the state after more than a decade ...
by ericlewis0
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This is going to be a short and sweet diary, because there is no point behind it beyond the obvious. Three days ago, diaries began going up about HRC running in 2016. In the days since, several of ...
by Chris Reeves
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Rep. Paul Shepherd's website is about to get a lot more colorful Idaho state Rep. Paul Shepherd has been diligently working to roll back equal rights. Just last week ...
by Jen Hayden
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Does Mitt know who he's pallin' around with? (Matthew Reichbach ) In a column sure to rain lawsuit threats down upon him, Glenn ...
by Joan McCarter
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