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The Good News: apparently the NSA doesn't yet have the know-how (or more likely the horsepower), to quickly crack our personal passwords. The Bad News: apparently the NSA wants this no-road-...
by jamess
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As it has become more and more undeniable that the NSA conducts mass domestic spying for reasons other than to prevent terrorism, the pushback has finally approached critical mass . Section ...
by gjohnsit
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by RNinNC
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Heartland is a credit card transaction processor that failed to maintain data security. As a result, a malicious program got installed on their servers, compromising about 100 million credit card ...
by Dustbowl Observer
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I can't do the diary tonight. It's sad, and I have no excuse, I just can't do it. But, I confess I do smile, thinking of the fine excuses John Belushi came up with, when HE could not do something ...
by BeninSC
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Ah the best laid plans. Here I had my diary plan all set for the night, a pictorial followup to the diary I would have written Saturday evening, had I had time, on my sister's highly subversive ...
by BeninSC
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I want to thank the community first, tonight, for truly incredible dialogue in my ‘step-out’ (ie. NON-TC!) diary last night on ways in which Redstate Democrats like me can best use your help. ...
by BeninSC
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I have been doing some research about ldentity Theft. (First, a notice: I am not really typing the correct spelling of the word ‘ldentity.’ The first letter is a lower case L (yes, even in the ...
by BeninSC
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The AP just picked up a week-old story in which Prince George's Country police raided the home of a local mayor in a bizarre case of identity theft, and shot his dogs dead: Mayor Cheye ...
by josebrwn
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by RNinNC
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Inevitably, my turn came around. Time again for soulless corporate America to extort from me to pay for their cupidity and stupidity. A letter slithered into my mailbox from an “AmSher Collection ...
by chelonia testudines
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I didn't see anyone else covering this, so here goes. Lamar Smith, one of SOPA's main sponsors, has another wonderful piece of legislation to try to ram through - this one potentially more damaging ...
by Jaimas
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by dougdrenkow
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Welcome to Part 7 of our series, The Unrav'ling Thread , where we explore the many strange, beautiful, and perplexing things that happen when a diary is posted and commenters show up. As we've ...
by cassandracarolina
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by Renee in Ohio
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I imagine that, like me, many of my fellow Kossacks use TurboTax. I offer this as a cautionary tale. I believe at minimum that TurboTax demonstrably does not follow basic common-sense data protocols ...
by Essephreak
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What this diary does: Provides actionable steps that you can take to keep your online persona and real world identity as separate as possible, and why you would want to take these actions. What ...
by Richard Cranium
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I thought I knew how to protect my personal information. I guard my credit cards, driver's license, etc, and make sure I shred anything with personal information before I toss it in the trash. I ...
by loblolly
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by velvetdays
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This is really cruel: The American Red Cross has learned about a new scam targeting military families. This scam takes the form of false information to military families....
by Noor B
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