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by Adam B
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To thank me. And to thank you. Because over the past two days, we've been demonstrating to Democrats in vulnerable districts that when they stand with our party and for progressive causes,
by Adam B
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I took DavidNYC's list and narrowed it down: who were the House Dems in R-leaning districts who voted for the House health care ...
by Adam B
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This diary is going to highlight 18 Democratic House candidates who deserve our help. All of the candidates are running for re-election and their seats are considered in jeopardy ...
by askew
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by kid oakland
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by Carl Nyberg
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Starting ...
by Adam B
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I suspect Ian Bayne does not actually know who Rosa Parks was. Please stop . On Friday, GOP congressional candidate Ian Bayne went all in, comparing [Duck Dynasty ...
by Hunter
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by TheMadEph
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On the first day , 144 of us made 2,162 contributions to twenty ...
by Adam B
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After nearly driving me into early retirement yesterday, the Wrap returns to a slightly more svelte form, with a total of 31 polls showing a drastic reduction from yesterday's record, which topped ...
by Steve Singiser
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On Sunday the House of Representatives delivered ...
by Populista
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by Superribbie
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As I somewhat expected, we got quite a bit of new polling today. Four national polls are there to compare to our "six pack" of tracking polls, plus our one intrepid quasi-tracking poll from GWU/...
by Steve Singiser
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by Ishmael
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We did ...
by Adam B
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As your inbox ...
by Adam B
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On a monstrous Monday (a new track record as we finally hit the century mark with 107 polls), my attention focuses on only about a dozen of them. We have, at this point, made clear time and again ...
by Steve Singiser
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by RLMiller
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When you are trying to claw your way back into the race for president, it is probably not a happy sign that your opponent has one of his best polling days just 12 days prior to the election. Yet ...
by Steve Singiser
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