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By Dan Pochoda, Legal Director, ACLU of Arizona Yesterday, the ...
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I think for many, the realization that the way we speak to the Hispanic community was not ideal occurred at NetRoots Nation. Protestors took to the grounds to shout messages to Joe Biden, concerned ...
by Chris Reeves
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I have never heard of of a situation where [union employees] sued their supervisor and you for blocking them from following the law. They weren't complaining about pay, working conditions or ...
by Armando
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"Our patriotism is not based on race, ethnicity or religious belief." - President Barack Obama A day after Mitt Romney delivered a speech to the National Association of Latino ...
by Armando
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Ah, nothing like immigration to really feel the fubar of bureaucracy. When I first read this, I was thinking this was some sort of bad joke on April Fools, but nope, our fine government actually did ...
by RenderQT
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In writing the Declaration Of Independence Thomas Jefferson used a lot of passionate flowery rhetoric that Americans dearly love to call forth as proof of the superiority of our political ...
by Richard Lyon
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In the midst of the brewing Civil War over Immigration, where Arizona is threatening to turn out the lights in L.A. in retaliation for their economic boycott of the state in response to "...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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I doubt it. Parts of Wingnutland are up in arms about the "attempted assassination of Lou Dobbs" -- probably by a gang of dark-skinned people in a '65 Chevy low-rider. This may have been ...
by Old Redneck
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Via Addictinginfo....
by jpmassar
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Well it sure looks like my pro Immigration colleagues missed the boat again. As soon as I heard Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio allege that ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) was working ...
by carlosgalindo
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By Sarnata Reynolds , Refugee Program Director Over the last twelve months, I have met with dozens of people detained in local ...
by Amnesty International USA
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Christopher Michael Szaz was sentenced today in North Carolina for emailing a death threat to the staff of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Szaz plead guilty to one count of threat by force ...
by Kety Esquivel
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We are heading into election season. Steel yourselves for an ugly ride. As if the political horizon, in response to President Obama’s election and tenure, has not been partisan, obstructive ...
by yomamaforobama
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(Cross-posted at The Field and at The Huffington Post .)
by The Field
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California: during the 1st gubernatorial debate that just took place between Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate made this very candid remark regarding immigration reform: "I wouldn'
by zeitgeist1979
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Are they really that dense? That they can't tell the difference between a perpetrator and a victim of violence ... between the instigators of crime and the refugees from it? According to the ...
by jamess
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Republicans have been reassessing their Tactics to find out why they just keep Losing. And their intellectual leaders have been rife with advice, as per usual. Take Reince Priebus for example, he's ...
by jamess
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Today, Friday May 1, 2009, thousands of people across this magnificent and gorgeous country of ours are taking to the streets to rally for comprehensive changes to our immigration policies - changes ...
by Bertha Lewis
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Want to help the Democratic Party preserve their fragile majority in the U.S. Senate this Fall? Then get up to speed on the looming GOP Train-wreck (Round II) that could delivery the Crazy-train ...
by jamess
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Dilemmas, dilemmas! What is a Government-hating -- and people-hating -- unpopular Political Party ever to do? With Tea Party Decline, Immigration Battle Shifts Focus by Andrew O'Reilly, Fox ...
by jamess
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