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Participation at Dailykos over time is a subject of some interest and speculation for both registered users and politically minded folk everywhere. With a decade of data in hand it is long past ...
by jotter
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In the dark days after the election of 2004 despair and despond ruled in sunlight and in shadow. As I recall, we all sat in our comfy chairs, empty beer can in hand, the 5 year old television in ...
by jotter
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The moon is being bombed. Why is this a big deal in planetary science? The projectile will help the LCROSS ...
by DarkSyde
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In this edition, we explore several aspects of posts that may affect how many views they get; namely: post title, first words, tags, and time of posting. You, dear reader, are requested to provide ...
by Quequeg
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TO ANY OBSERVATIONAL ASTRONOMERS ON KOS: POSSIBLE JUPITER IMPACT Preliminary image shows a black mark in Jupiters South Polar Region (SPR) which is almost ...
by The Reverend and Doctor Omed
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In this week's edition of Zero Impact Posts, we consider the importance of the title and first words of the posts here at DailyKos. As the readership scrolls down the Recent Diary List or their ...
by Quequeg
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by jotter
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This is a bit outdated and self-reflective, but indulge me. As with many of you, the Obama campaign was the first one that I threw myself into. Sure I wore buttons and made donations before, and ...
by ItsJessMe
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Welcome to the first edition of "Zero Impact Posts"! Here we celebrate rather than denigrate the contribution of these posts (although I realize the reason for such celebration requires some ...
by Quequeg
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Welcome to the second edition of "Zero Impact Posts" (ZIPs). If you missed the first edition , you may want to read it in order to learn about the many positive aspects of ZIPs and thus ...
by Quequeg
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This edition of ZIPs contains the explanations for which posts got more views in the view experiment conducted in the 11th edition. For those who missed that edition, the view experiment involved ...
by Quequeg
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I just wanted to write a quick diary about what the day after would look like if gays and lebians are given the right to get married. I know some of the things may seem a bit extreme to some, but ...
by grabovcan
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by jotter
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Well, wouldn't you know it? I was right all along. For months I have been saying that Obama - IN PRIVATE - is completely supportive of gay marriage - but that current political conditions required ...
by GayIthacan
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by jotter
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In 2004 the UK opened its borders completely to all workers from the European Union. Polish citizens emigrated by the thousands and, contrary to initial speculation, the influence on British society ...
by fatbyjhnsn
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by jotter
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by jotter
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Is it reasonable to regard zero impact posts (ZIPs) as failures in any way? If so, does this mean that the ZIP list serves to highlight failures and therefore ridicule authors? Certainly, the ZIP ...
by Quequeg
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To start making calls now, visit: www.my.barackobama.com/call4martin To organize a phonebank with paper call lists, sign up at:
by 2hands0feet
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