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(how they see themselves!) *UPDATE:* best way to show RS our love...??? *RECOMMEND* this diary! Short ...
by condoleaser
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To anyone with a heart. To anyone with a soul. To anyone with even a remnant of basic human decency, Dick Cheney is cause for weeping. For his victims. For us.
by Laurence Lewis
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The ACORN scandal was very real, but not in the ways some think it was real. It was another example of how a dishonest right wing smear machine can use typically dishonest right wing smear tactics ...
by Laurence Lewis
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by Bob Johnson
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by Rockridge
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by Adept2u
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This is about a soldier named Kevin who was seriously wounded in Afghanistan in May of last year. He and three others were in a Humvee that was the target of a suicide bomber. Kevin and one other ...
by Icarus Diving
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by dsteffen
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by lokiloki
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by skralyx
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More raised eyebrows in the recount for Wisconsin Supreme Court. From Waukesha County again... Just after 1:15 p.m., Waukesha County canvassers began the recount for the Town of Genesee, wards 6, 9,
by Giles Goat Boy
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Dick Cheney has strong words for the president. According to the Associated Press :
by Laurence Lewis
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Number one, we are led by a president who has done nothing but try to blur distinctions between the two parties since day one, all in an atrociously misplaced sense of bipartisanship. Assuming he's ...
by expatjourno
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While many Wisconsin counties are reporting very few issues recounting votes from the April 5th election for Wisconsin Supreme Court, Waukesha County continues to have trouble gaining any kind of ...
by Giles Goat Boy
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Or is it that you are bought lock, stock and barrel by your corporate overlords? Pray tell me if you're so damned right, what have you to show for your tenure as governor of Louisiana? The New ...
by Oldguy51
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Just two days after the Bush Administration announced new plans to address Climate Change (in anticipation of the G8 Summit, ...
by jhritz
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Poor little Exxon. First, their Pegasus pipeline in Arkansas springs a leak, costing them money. Then people starting saying mean things about them, hurting their feelings (because corporations are ...
by DWG
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by jillian
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It wasn't just Iraq; it may not have been even mostly Iraq. It was everything. Part of the genius of the American system is that it is geared to reward a competent leader who ...
by teacherken
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