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This past Tuesday, I was reading the Midday Open Thread when I came across this gem: These people are sick: Conservative Christians have long joined hands to oppose abortion, often following the ...
by Matt in Brooklyn
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A few days ago, this [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/08/24/1010150/-I-Am-the-Population-Problem- diary] reminded me of how unusual it is to choose a childless life. In other words, to ...
by irishwitch
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Inspired by comments I found insensitive, at best, and ugly and judgmental, at worst, I’m going to talk about infertility, hoping to rise above a caricature that bordered on selfish, empty-...
by conlakappa
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When was the last time someone gave you instructions on how to reproduce? If you answered "never" I'll bet you're not dealing with infertility. If you answered "last Tuesday", I'll bet you've got ...
by SarcasticPiglet
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Warning: This diary contains graphic medical details about pregnancy and childbirth. After years of trying to conceive a child, my husband and I fostered, and later adopted, two young boys out of ...
by boofdah
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UPDATE : There were some questions as to the science that was presented. Research had been released by California Environmental Protection Agency'...
by Elisa
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You may have seen the religious right-wing billboards in your lovely community posing the question: "Pregnant? Need Help?" I see at least two every day in my liberal town of Austin. It is a deeply ...
by butchergirl
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EDIT: Women interested in the proposed support group, please email me at OpEdna@gmail.com so you don't have to post your email addresses on here. Two nights ago, kept awake by ...
by GirlZero
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Concerns over links to cancer and infertility ...
by The Anomaly
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Few people want a baby as badly as those who have struggled with infertility, especially those who have undergone fertility treatments. So can't we trust abortion isn't something they'd undertake ...
by RH Reality Check
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Cross-posted at MotherTalkers . Hello fellow moms, dads and caregivers! I am back with your weekly parenting news update. Here are some topics we ...
by Elisa
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No matter how's it's asked: "is she taking this to the convention?" "what does Hillary WANT?" "why won't she drop out?" "does she really think she can win?" it's all the same question, really.
by cityvitalsigns
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You've probably had this maudlin e-mail forwarded to you sometime in the past decade. "To be a mother is like having a wound that never heals," it goes. Maudlin, yes, but there's some truth, there. ...
by rhubarb
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Wow, There's nothing a woman loves to hear more than a MALE Gynecologist tell her that he's gonna take away the one and only thing that makes her a woman like it's just nothing. Just cut and gut ...
by WeBetterWinThisTime
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The dangers of the hormone-mimicking chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) are now well-known. If you are wondering ...
by RH Reality Check
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In this post, I want to cover arguments of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice sides. Some links/ pictures may be graphic.
by sasharusa
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I wrote about this back in July at my own blog , and I'll reproduce the ...
by sunflwrmoonbeam
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Formaldehyde used in a Brazilian Blowout hair treatment is a known carcinogen, and studies have linked it to miscarriage, stillbirth, menstrual disorders, and female infertility. Written ...
by RH Reality Check
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It hurts to not be able to have children. But that isn’t a problem that we wanted to or need to share. But what becomes excruciatingly painful here is to find yourself becoming a milked cow at ...
by teutonic13
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Over the objection of domestic producers, a U.S. trade commission has removed anti-dumping duties that had been imposed on Brazilian imports : The United States on Wednesday said it will eliminate ...
by The Anomaly
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