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whack job noun (context, colloquial, pejorative) A crazy, possibly dangerous, person. 1992: Elmore Leonard, ...
by david mizner
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In Afghanistan's northern province of Baghlan, who's shadow governor was recently captured by Pakistan, infighting broke out between members of the Taliban and their allies Hizb-i-Islami, which is ...
by Setrak
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A blurb appeared today in a local blog about Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning's fury at the not-so-subtle effort by the state and national Republican Party in trying to force him not to run for re-...
by patriot spear
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Via Downwithtyranny , Howie Klein picked up on something I've been wondering would be a theme of the last 3 weeks of the campaign, a story in ...
by doc2
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Reports indicate that the Arizona Republican Party is in wide disarray, and this infighting has also been a problem for McCain's own ...
by Gramarye
Comment Count 24 comments on Sat Aug 09, 2008 at 07:57 AM PDT with 32 Recommends
Why is it that everytime I try to talk to a Republican about what is wrong with McCain or Bush they always come back with, "well Clinton did ______." And even now, with the primaries done and gone, ...
by ThatPoshGirl
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This site has been very good at original thought, news commentary, organization, research and serious and humorous discussion. It is for those things that many of us stopped by and kept returning. ...
by barnowl
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I might be considered a lurker, I don't comment often, and I realized that the last time I posted a full-blown diary, I was 17 years old. So here I am, a little older, maybe a little smarter, here ...
by punkRockLiberal
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This is the future of the Democratic Party, this site? Not right now it isn't. It's found the same solution to the compromises that Republicans forced on the Democrats when I was a kid: drop out, ...
by Stephen Daugherty
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President Obama is under attack . . . has been since before inauguration day. Many of the lies that have been told about him and his policies have been accepted as truth by a large portion of the ...
by Nashville fan
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It looks like the fireworks are done. Between, "what Obama should do now," "Prop 8---its the dems fault, not white republicans too" and "538 v. front-pager re: FUCKING YARD SIGNS" (yes I dont care) ...
by pooh74
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Who hasn't been in this situation? Your friend is dating a guy you find repulsive. You think he's politically backward, or he has a career you don't respect, or maybe you even caught him ogling a ...
by glamatron
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Yesterday a great many diaries had one of two forms: 1. "I hate Obama now because he disappointed us." 2. "I hate Daily Kos now because everyone hates Obama now because he disappointed us." True ...
by Jyrinx
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(please view diary for hillaryity)
by dirtdawg
Comment Count 2 comments on Thu Feb 07, 2008 at 02:14 PM PST with 10 Recommends
I am getting a little tired of these predictable tizzies we all work ourselves into being mad at the President and the White House everytime the media decides we should. I mean, other than ...
by Nashville fan
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The GOP is a Party - Divided! After eight long years under George Bush�s regime, the country is in turmoil! The American Public is wracked with anger due to the Economy and Other Issues. Gas ...
by Dee321
Comment Count 12 comments on Sun Aug 10, 2008 at 04:04 PM PDT with 9 Recommends
Today's latest gambit from the Clinton media machine underscores the need for intervention in the kamikaze campaign we have witnessed since the fifth of February. Therefore, I submit the following ...
by terry2wa
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by dvogel001
Comment Count 71 comments on Tue Nov 14, 2006 at 04:45 AM PST with 7 Recommends
Frothy has some hard nuts about Mitt Romney and it appears he won't be much of a supporter of the Mittsters campaign. This based on the letter Frothy sent to his supporters and other Reptilicans ...
by carver
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I used to like dKos a lot better when it was about the issues.
by snpsmom
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