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Conservatism can only rear its ugly head or sustain itself in a top-down society where information is guarded by a few Fauxes and concealed from the general masses. The real views and real ...
by davefromqueens
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The Army now classifies the media as a threat in parallel to al-Qaeda and drug cartels. I kid you not.
by smintheus
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by exmearden
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26 Year old internet genius Aaron Swartz, founder of Reddit, was bullied into suicide by the overzealous prosecution by the U.S. attorney according to family and friends. He faced 35 years in prison ...
by FishOutofWater
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Deliciousness! Sly's coming back on February 4. For those outside of Madison or Wisconsin, Sly is a 30 year radio veteran and supporter of working people and collective bargaining. He had a ...
by Puddytat
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Aaron Swartz , Jake Appelbaum , Bradley Manning , Thomas Drake , Jeremy Hammond . . . wanted ...
by Jesselyn Radack
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I just wanted to pop in and put out some important information. First, only nonperishable items should be sent to our PO box. We've been getting deliveries from local food places there and it's a ...
by AoT
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by shaggydaahoud
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Senator Al Franken (D. MN) joins the fight to find out more about prosecution of Reddit founder, Aaron Swartz, that lead to his suicide: http://www.forbes.com/sites/danielnyegriffiths/2013/03/25/...
by poopdogcomedy
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I remember the first time I read George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty Four”. As a teenager, coming to terms with who I was as an individual, I just knew there was one facet of life for ...
by ShawnGBR
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I'm fortunate today not to be living in the area of the country that has or is about to be blasted by this year's first forecasted major snow storm of the year. At this point we don't know how ...
by TexDem
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As a daily reader of Media Matters I was stunned to hear yesterday that CNN felt hiring the far right wingnut Erick Erickson as a paid political commentator was a good idea. Then I started ...
by webranding
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If you've ever sat down to watch one YouTube video, you've no doubt spent a lot of time ...
by SuperBowlXX
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I have spent the last week, with my neighbor, researching this thing. We have had coffee and cocktails over this thing. We have called each other with each new nugget of info we have learned. Which ...
by StellaRay
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Once again the Blogistan Polytechnic Institute staff listened in as the faculty made their way from the -wine cellar- library to the -hot tub- faculty lounge. That's a process we've never fully ...
by NCrissieB
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Julian Assange [stated his goal http://cryptome.org/0002/ja-conspiracies.pdf] (PDF) for WikiLeaks back in 2006: ([via http://zunguzungu.wordpress.com/2010/11/29/julian-assange-and-the-computer-...
by Th0rn
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According to National Abortion Federation, since 1977, there have been over 6,800 ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Hello All. I've started this group to provide a central location where we can 1. provide information about the 2011 ...
by Plubius
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This last week, we had tornado outbreaks that wiped out entire towns. My deepest sympathies to all those affected by these storms. I live in Tornado Alley. I have most of my life, and the biggest ...
by GreenMother
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Like System 7, it wasn't my idea! Some possible new names for the rebranded browser: Hatari, Chromium, Operetta, WaterFox, AOLful, or Netscape3000. My favorite: SNMD (surf nazis must die) a.k.a. ...
by annieli
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