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I can't get over this clip of Sarah Palin on CBS with Katie Couric. No, it's not her infamous Russia answer nor her inexplicable financial bailout response. It's ...
by Cenk Uygur
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(Now also posted at a non-partisan URL w/ a useful navigation bar) Whether convincing undecideds or debating a McCain ...
by ShadowSD
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After Ahmadinejad's Coup I have received reports from some friends inside of Iran, who conveniently enough I met through some soccer forums. The information lies deeper. But to begin some of what I ...
by electronicmaji
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As the President fights for public support of his troop surge in Iraq, he is also ratcheting up the pressure on Iran. A second aircraft carrier battle group (with Newsweek reporting a third group ...
by Wes Clark
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Less than six months ago, Arabs threw shoes at George Bush. Today, in a address bound to go down in history, ...
by Al Rodgers
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Continued and Live Blog Here Note: We are simply ...
by Clifflyon
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This morning, my husband mentioned that he'd heard a discussion that included some conjecture on the possibility that Netanyahu's diatribe against a nuclear nonproliferation deal with Iran might ...
by Eyesbright
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I have posted here since 2006, which coincidentally happens to be the year I last visited extended family in Iran. My parents came from Iran to America in 1978 just before the Islamic Revolution, ...
by ShadowSD
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(PLEASE rec and comment to KEEP THE HOPE ALIVE for the reformers who want A FREE IRAN. Hopefully they'll see our support for their FIGHT FOR CHANGE!) UPDATE 5: VIDEO: http:/
by VT ConQuest
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by Bob Johnson
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And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. \- John 8:32 There is no doubt that the ...
by occams hatchet
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► Azadi (Freedom) square in ...
by Al Rodgers
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The last thread has become unwieldy in as it's approaching almost 1000 comments. I thought it might be time to try to consolidate blogs and resources into one helpful list. If you can volunteer to ...
by ndhapple
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It takes a long time to turn around a battleship. But lo and behold, it appears as if elements in the traditional media are finally coming around to what we have known for a long time:
by The Termite
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This is down right awesome.
by PLU Tim
Comment Count 688 comments on Thu Mar 19, 2009 at 10:01 PM PDT with 717 Recommends
Scott Ritter hasn't been wrong about too many things regarding U.S. intentions in the Middle East. He was one of the few who called "bullsh*t" on Bushco's claims of WMD's in Iraq. A former Marine ...
by Inky99
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Looking at your profile here , it is clear that you are familiar with posting diaries at Daily Kos. So you know how we like to ...
by clammyc
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Thank the Lord we listened to the Republicans and bombed the shit out of Iran, at the cost of many billions, while shedding more American blood and further decimating our standing in the Muslim world!
by JeffLieber
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I have owed President Jimmy Carter an apology for 29 years. It's about time I made it public. He was right and I was wrong about his response to the Iranian hostage crisis. When the Iranian ...
by Leftcenterlibertarian
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Via the twitter feeds at #iranelection and #gr88 comes this interesting tidbit: ...
by thereisnospoon
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