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I was brought up admiring the United States. Just one of those things that we inherited in the UK immediately after World War 11. Nothing to do with your Constitution or with your damn stupid sports (
by Welshman
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I was busy for a week teaching a compressed summer course and came back to find Daily Kos, including Kos himself, off the deep end. Understand this is a rant directed at a position not any ...
by DJ ProFusion
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As I lived through and observed the decade of the Aughts, a decade that will almost certainly go down ...
by Shinobi Mystic
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People sometimes make bad decisions.
by palantir
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http://www.opinionjournal.com/extra/?id=110010861 (you may need to be a subscriber to link up) The Insanity of Bush Hatred Our politics suffer when passions overcome reason and ...
by dov12348
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After years of "debating" Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Christian Fundamentalists, and other varieties of far-right ideologues, I compiled a summary of some of the major dimensions of the folly of ...
by Steve Harvey
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Recently I have noticed a rash of diaries and comments espousing Republican talking points on this site. Such comments are rightfully hidden The anger and frustration illustrated in these trollish ...
by Jeffrey Kohan
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If I told you that a member of Congress has become so unhinged over the upcoming census that they intended to BREAK THE LAW by refusing to answer questions, who would you guess it was?
by Indie Tarheel
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by dsharma23
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The coming years could be the "The Age of Palin." This is not because the half-term former governor will be elected for president in 2012. Her low approval rating--28%-- prohibits that. The ...
by Big Chuck
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The light show that Nature provides every day is vastly more impressive than the explosion-bang-bang of July 4th ... http://www.flickr.com/dmathew1 Humans are entertained by destruction while ...
by dmathew1
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This diary is inspired by the recent post which called into question Palin’s mental stability and which is being flamed mightily. I agree that the diarist's choice of words is terrible but a ...
by madtownpopulist
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Now that our fraud of an economy is collapsing, there's renewed - and belated - concern for our numerous deficits: our current account/trade deficit, our net energy deficit, our budget deficit, and ...
by TylerFromNE
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There is apparently a human aversion to accepting the certainty of a loss, and that aversion helps illuminate the behavior of the Republicans in their present quandary. That's one of the things I'...
by AndySchmookler
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How does it come to this? http://brandon-friedman.dailykos.com/ It's beyond absurd. It's incomprehensible. How does Gates do this with a str8 face?!?! There is no more room for equivocation. Obama ...
by Soulmentor
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Conservatives invoke a number of mysterious processes to explain how the world is; processes that are faith driven. They rely on faith because of a disdain for rational processes. They believe ...
by infotrage
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That is the only word I can think of to describe the bungling political strategy that will conclude with half the Democrats in the House and most of the Democrats in the Senate voting for total ...
by EricaAP
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Deductive arguments force us to choose between the truth of their conclusions and the falsity of one or more of their premises. Inductive arguments do not. This, in and of itself, does not show ...
by Adagio4639
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