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The tragic murder of Benazir Bhutto in the midst of a Pakistani election campaign is a jarring reminder that politics, particularly in that part of the world, is a contact sport.� Many American ...
by L C Johnson
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Cholera is a serious intestinal water-borne illness that can reach epidemic proportions, especially when the water supplies in an ...
by Valtin
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How to stop ISIS, a group too hardline even for al-Qaida, in control of $3 Billion, 30,000 men and a lot of captured U.S. arms, with minds and hearts focused on the creation of a Sunni ...
by murphthesurf3
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Seymour Hersh went on Fresh Air this afternoon ...
by litho
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Last Tuesday, in his speech to the UN General Assembly, the Prime Minister of Israel added a new power to the "Axis of Evil". According to Netanyahu, "Militant Islamists" (including not only ISIS ...
by Geminijen
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Pat Buchanan schooled political protege Rachel Maddow in my opinion this evening....not on substance, but with pure politics...and tipped the GOP's standard dirty trick in the process. After ...
by RichardWoodcockII
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I don’t usually listen closely to the “Today” show. This morning, though, I was taken aback by the interview of fallen Navy S.E.A.L. Aaron Vaughn’s parents, Billy and Karen and his widow ...
by cassandracarolina
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Keywords: Iraq; Iran; Islamic fundamentalism; Shiite fundamentalists; Dawa; Daawa; Islamic Jihad; Secretary of State George Shultz; Saddam Hussein; Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North; U.S. and French ...
by abhinavagupta
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by EricAllenBell
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With the election going on in the US, a school shooting, and an election in Pakistan, why should we pay attention to a seemingly trivial story, Mohamed Al-Fayed's courtroom performance at the Diana ...
by proud2Bliberal
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