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Rep. Janice Hahn attended the annual non-partisan National Day of Prayer gathering on Capitol Hill yesterday, expecting a unified, peaceful event. But after listening to Dr. James Dobson from ...
by Jen Hayden
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Hi this is Grant from the Matthew 25 Network. Today we saw our first hard attack against Sen. Obama on Christian Radio. Which Kos ...
by cardboard
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Maggie Gallagher isn't the only religious conservative to be feeling a loss of optimism in the new year. In his January newsletter , the hate group Focus on the Family founder, James Dobson comes ...
by Steven Payne
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by Oreo
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In the past few days, people have died in Iraq, the economy has taken some pretty heavy blows, and --- HOLY SHIT, STOP THE PRESSES . This just in! We have received reports that Barack Obama'...
by karateexplosions
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Years ago, when I was editor of Nuclear Times magazine, I knew Evangelical leader Jim Wallis, author of The Great Awakening and founder of Sojourners -- the largest network of ...
by GregMitch
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Rich's op ed today is entitled If Terrorists Rock the Vote in 2008 and focuses on how irrelevant the ...
by teacherken
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by dogemperor
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Earlier today, CNN posted a story that was unapologetically one-sided, if not deviously slanted and incomplete. And I couldn't be happier - it's about bloody time. I'm no fan of slanting per se, ...
by pico
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by willard landreth
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James Dobson, the long-time head of Focus on the Family, is now retired. During his farewell address, the social-conservative icon has ...
by Setrak
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by Armando
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Fed up with the choices of the two major parties, a disgruntled group of voters and activists is gearing up to break away and start a third party in time for the 2008 presidential race. This ...
by Nuisance Industry
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by Carnacki
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by Troutfishing
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by Detroit Mark
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by Troutfishing
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In late 2008, Max Blumenthal wrote Republican ...
by NCrissieB
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by Frederick Clarkson
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by Scarce
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