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Crossposted from Docudharma Facing a changing demographic and a population slightly more educated about Republican fear campaigns has forced the ...
by buhdydharma
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It is odd to watch Washington's current obsession (and our own, sad to say) with powder-actuated language. The media (and we) are parsing every Republican utterance for any reference to firearm-...
by Crashing Vor
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BAGHDAD — The relative freedom of a newly democratic Iraq and the recent improvement in security ...
by GLBT and Friends at Daily Kos
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After the tragic attack in Paris, freedom of speech seems more precious than ever. How anyone could become so twisted as to ...
by Mark Fiore
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Usually Monday is a light day. I joke about the faculty of Blogistan Polytechnic Institute recovering from their weekend, as a segue into what's on tap for Morning Feature in the coming ...
by NCrissieB
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Erin ...
by HoundDog
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(If you don't want to spoil the cartoon, read this after you watch the video.) With the recent shooting in Las Vegas, it's becoming more apparent that the crazed anti-...
by Mark Fiore
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"Come on. Enemies, who would utterly annihilate America, they who'd obviously have information on plots, to carry out Jihad. Oh, but you can't offend them, can't make them feel uncomfortable, not ...
by shrike
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On Monday, GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney blasted President Obama's open mic comment to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he'll have more "flexibility" to deal with issues like missile defense ...
by Jon Perr
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by Mark Fiore
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by SusanHu
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Even though Obama decided we should bomb Iraq and drop some humanitarian supplies to help the Yazidis, it hasn't been enough bombing for John McCain. As usual,
by Mark Fiore
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Ever since 9/11, you can't be too careful with regard to national security. Our enemies are clever, persistent, and devious. After all, they managed to plant one of their own in the White House ...
by KingOneEye
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by Martin in MD
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Every week, and sometimes every day, there is a new revelation about the shady practices of the NSA.  After the news broke that the spy ...
by Mark Fiore
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Was reading BBC News today and that is always a fertile ground for blog articles. So, having just made fun ...
by mole333
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by Dump Terry McAuliffe
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Professional Islamophobe Pamela Geller's new campaign was specifically intended to provoke the LGBT community . Well she ought to know that when we're provoked, we get active.
by KatRap
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If it looks like a coup, and quacks like a coup, there's a good chance it may be a coup.  All that ...
by Mark Fiore
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Nigerian woman at protest. Photocredit: SUNDAY ALAMBA - AP I recommend this impassioned op-ed by Ahmed Sahi , a devout Muslim, who ...
by HoundDog
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