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First we are in a contest with other great Democrats through the Blue America PAC and Howie from [Down With Tyrannyhttp://downwithtyranny.blogspot.com/], one of the sponsor blog sites, contacted me ...
by Barry Welsh
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Every State. Every race. Right here. This is number 48 in a planned series of 50 entries between now and November, looking at each of the 50 states in terms of every race on that state's ticket--...
by AdmiralNaismith
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by shubi101
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Something is happening in the state of Indiana. The current governor of Indiana, the Republican Mitch Daniels, is up for re-election this year, but he's starting to have trouble against his ...
by Blue Liberty
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A WTHR/Indianapolis Star poll this morning has some surprising results showing Republican Governor Mitch Daniels in serious trouble. The conventional wisdom was that Daniels was possibly vulnerable,
by Fro
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(In the final days of an election, there is so much information from so many races, it's difficult to stay on top of every story and understand the subtle dynamics often at play on the ground. ...
by Yoss
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(Cross-posted at my blog, An Enduring Democratic Majority). Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is in real trouble. Even ...
by Skulnick
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Indiana could be won by the Democrats, but it’s not just about scoring the Hoosier (see * at botom of post for amazing story of the word's origisn) State’s 11 electoral votes for Obama. ...
by WatermelonGrower
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We fellow Democrats are about to celebrate a historical election that has the potential to see the party grow massively thanks to the 50 state strategy. Sadly in Indiana the memo has not been ...
by Sauron21
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A recent poll by the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics and SurveyUSA shows that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jill Long Thompson is catching up to the Indiana incumbent, Mitch Daniels. For ...
by Blue Liberty
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