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The Seven Wonders of the Modern World are engineering marvels selected by the American Society of Civil Engineers to exemplify the ability of humans to construct amazing features.
by Ojibwa
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The Problem: Unemployment, is just supposed to keep getting worse: Unemployment rate rises to 10.2% It's the first time it has hit double digits since 1983.
by jamess
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Hundreds of thousands of jobs. ...
by Meteor Blades
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The Problem: Unemployment, is just supposed to keep getting worse: U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose More Than Forecast By Shobhana Chandra Oct.
by jamess
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The Preparing for 21st Century Risks report, issued by the Alliance for American Manufacturing last week, recommends restoring America’s infrastructure lifelines: its electrical grid, its ...
by Leo W Gerard
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You couldn’t be blamed for turning away from this title. After all, you probably read, listen to, or watch the news every day. In the last couple of days we’ve been reminded of more ...
by Milos Janus Outlook
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America was built on lots of hard work. At the cost of untold blood, sweat and tears. So much so, that we take it for granted. We just assume that all the modern conveniences we enjoy -- will ...
by jamess
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American Infrastructure Crumbling because of War? http:
by jamess
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Fellow Kossaks who have read my diaries and comments know that I am of the mind that there is not much difference between the Republican and Democratic parties on matters of economic policy - the ...
by NBBooks
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When are we going to "nation build" in our own nation ? What are we waiting for? Each bridge to fall down, Every road to turn back to gravel, Water mains to burst, Grids to burn ...
by jamess
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And this is just about the bridges The wealthy,
by jimstaro
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The American Society of Civil Engineers have released another report on the American Infrastructure needs. To often ignored or pushed down the road and lately held hostage by those who ran on 'jobs' '
by jimstaro
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There is a longer term fiscal crisis that current budget negotiators are ignoring. It is called the Tragedy of the Commons -- the long term neglect of common resources and facilities used by all, ...
by PopularEconomics
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This entry is actually a continuation of the entry “The best act of ventriloquism of these times.” The Obama administration, for which many of us have feverishly volunteered, should not ...
by Alfredo Martin Bravo de Rueda Espejo
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This will be a seven-part series about budgetary restrictions Obama will face, especially with respect to his health care proposal, addressing both policy and politics angles, dropping some ideas ...
by Alfredo Martin Bravo de Rueda Espejo
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This entry is dedicated to Jay Ambrose, whose naively ultraconservative points of view let us laugh despite these hard times, especially when he writes about the economy, national security or ...
by Alfredo Martin Bravo de Rueda Espejo
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