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Romney spewed more lies tonight than any of us could possibly list, but the journalists will be poring over them for the next week, and matching them up with Romney's previous statements. Obama hung ...
by astral66
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After just watching the debate, I have a very different take. Frankly I do not agree with all the hand wringing and gnashing of teeth about President Obama's performance. Nor the universal ...
by SeaTurtle
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The pundits and a majority of uncommitted voters have spoken: according to them, Mitt Romney won the wonky yet substanceless snoozefest that was the first Presidential debate of 2012. We are told ...
by thereisnospoon
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I should be used to it by now, but I am still flabbergasted every time I see yet another example of how painfully stupid our president is. This time it was during an interview with Jim Lehrer on PBS.
by Cenk Uygur
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Hello again. Thanks for the all the positive response to the video I posted yesterday of my Countdown interview on Thursday concerning the ABC debate travesty. In that same vein, I ...
by GregMitch
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by Larry C Johnson ( bio/blog ) David Brooks' appearance last night on the ...
by L C Johnson
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and Other Rules of MacNeil/Lehrer ...
by jimstaro
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by seesdifferent
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Seriously I expected better. I hate doing short and sweets, I know many people here frown on said diaries but really? Seriously? I've seen better moderation at Occupy General Assemblies. I mean I'...
by idbecrazyif
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by Al Rodgers
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With a quick cut away from Senator Jim Webb, it was immediately apparent that Jim Lehrer was starstruck. His doe eyes appeared somewhat misty. His expression was one of true admiration. As the ...
by mwchicago04
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A great moment on the PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer tonight, when new Nobel Laureate in Economics Paul Krugman was asked by Lehrer what inspired him to become an economist. Krugman replied it was ...
by PaulLev
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Obama is done with the GOP and its filibustering ways. I know a lot of folks think he might not have noticed, but he has. He just finished an interview with Lehrer on PBS:
by barath
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As someone who has followed politics closely since 1993, I've grown to really despise the filibuster, especially in the hands of the Republican party. They shut down the Senate during Bill Clinton's ...
by existenz
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Before we get to "The Great Debate," here's the latest on what President Barack Obama and the White House have been up to this day. First off, Vice President Joe Biden was down in Florida ...
by Tortmaster
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by jotter
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by BrianMcFadden
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On the Larry King show Monday, First Lady Laura Bush demonstrated that the Bush family's legendary compassion deficit is ...
by Jon Perr
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by TiaRachel
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I am furious. I am dismayed. I am irate. On the NewsHour (PBS) just now, David Brooks has made the point that many Republican Senators want to vote for withdrawal from Iraq, but could not and ...
by Clem Yeobright
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