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In case you missed it -- the Koch Brothers are trying to claim they are NOT the Oil-grubbing Billionaires , NOT the Global Warming denialists , that they have spent a minor fortune investing in. ...
by jamess
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I just finished reading the Frank Rich piece in the New York Times. This piece is disturbing, it talks about these crazies ...
by icebergslim
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This may be legal, but it sure isn't fair very patriotic. Much of what Enron did was legal too -- but it still caused little old grandmas to spend extra money, that they couldn't afford -- to ...
by jamess
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Way to go, Jim! (Pete Souza / White House) I just want to extend a hearty OOHRAH to the Obama Campaign for taking off the goddamn gloves and going to work on Mitt Romney's ribcage and kidneys. The ...
by brooklynbadboy
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Snipet Longtime North Carolina Democratic consultant Gary Pearce said the first lady's appearance is a good sign Obama believes North Carolina is winnable . http://www.journalnow.com/news/...
by GoogleBonhoeffer
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Nice move by the Obama campaign. To address Romney's claim that if he releases any tax returns, the opposition will only ask for more and more, OFA campaign manager Jim Messina has made the ...
by Melquiades
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There is something seriously wrong at OFA - Organizing for Action, President Obama's "grass-roots" support organization. The warning sign that all is not well is that Jim Messina is still co-chair ...
by kmoorh
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Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina (White House/ Pete Souza) Attention Chicago: Umm, you've got your opponent now. What's the hold up? So far, we have no consistent defining message defining Mitt ...
by brooklynbadboy
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Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina The Obama campaign is running at all cylinders. I watched President Obama yesterday on the stump, and he's beginning to get into the zone. Not quite there yet, ...
by brooklynbadboy
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Barack Obama's campaign chief of staff, Jim Messina, had some interesting comments today. He spoke to the Iowa delegation, as did Speaker Pelosi. Messina was talking about some electoral strategy, ...
by Ivey476
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by Ian Reifowitz
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Jim Messina announces the Obama Campaign Nearing 10 Million Donations, reports Alana Horowitz. President Barack Obama's reelection campaign is nearing 10 million donations, according to an ...
by HoundDog
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Philip Rucker, reports on the Washington Post Blog, Romney stands by his remarks in leaked video. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney did not back down from comments published Monday in ...
by HoundDog
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Hi Jim! How bout starting the campaign? (White House/ Pete Souza) I hate to admit it, but Romney campaign operative Andrea Saul has a point : “The Obama campaign first said President Obama was ...
by brooklynbadboy
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I think a number of assumptions (among other things) have fueled the insecurity on progressive blogs regarding health insurance reform. I think those assumptions are understandable based on what is ...
by Newsie8200
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Many of you probably saw this photo from two weeks ago of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, a member of the Conservative Party (Tories), delivering a speech on why the UK's austerity budgets are part ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Statement from Campaign Manager Jim Messina on Tonight’s Debate CHICAGO -- Obama for America released the following statement from Campaign Manager Jim Messina in reaction to tonight’s debate:
by Transcripts Editors
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by Scott Wooledge
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In the recent cry baby whine letter Philip Ellender, President of Government & Public Affairs for Koch Companies Public Sector LLC sent to Jim Messina , Campaign Manager of Obama for America, ...
by NBBooks
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So now the Koch Brothers are in the business of "creating facts" are they? Like how Climate Change is only a " speed bump " in the history of the world ... like how the impact of burning Fossil ...
by jamess
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