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Five years ago today my life was changed in a major way. I was injured in Mosul, Iraq when an improvised explosive device (IED) sent shrapnel into my brain. Throughout the last five years, ...
by Broken Skull
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I would like to thank Daily Kos and the entire netroots community for all of the support for my campaign for U.S. Senate. Your efforts, energy, and contributions were a great help, and a major ...
by Jim Webb
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by Granny Doc
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by quaoar
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(Crossposted from RK ). Senator Jim Webb was in ...
by aznew
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I've argued for some time that the real bias in the media is not left or right per say. It is pro Wall Street. And never has this bias been more transparent than with the coverage of Jim Webb's ...
by TocqueDeville
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Folks, McCain just made a major boo-boo. What did he do? He has unleashed an ad that's so false and despicable, that it's going to backlash on him. Big time. Sheesh, [even Chuck Hagel has ...
by VirginiaDem
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Well, I see that the mighty Right Wing Wurleitzer has decided that it is important to concentrate solely on Jim Webb. Yesterday, driving home, I heard Michael Medved decrying the uncivility of Jim ...
by Delaware Dem
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by phriendlyjaime
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I am an ex-Congressional attorney. I used to work on House Judiciary matters for the second-ranking Democrat on the Committee. I am currently a television and talk radio host. For three days now,
by InsideScoop
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by AHiddenSaint
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by Jim Webb
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by incertus
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by dengre
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by Al Rodgers
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by dengre
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In this diary, friendlyjaime speculated as to the possibility that perhaps Bush actually knew of Jim Webb's son's close brush ...
by hcc in VA
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Senators Claire McCaskill and James Webb have called for the formation of an independent commission to investigate war profiteering ...
by Eternal Hope
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by xanthe
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by lowkell
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