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For most of his life, Jimmy Carter has been an advocate for human rights. In 1982, one year after leaving the Oval Office, the former US President and his wife Rosalynn Carter, founded ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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Many people have been tip toeing around calling the outbursts of anti-Obama demonstrations as racist. Progressives had been the only Americans willing to confront this wave of rhetoric coming from ...
by WeBetterWinThisTime
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by Jimmy Carter
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for pointing to the racism that underlies much of the right wing frothing against Barack Obama.
by Denise Oliver Velez
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Mitt Romney seems to think that saying "even Jimmy Carter" is setting the bar so low that jumping over is no big feat. Im here to set the record straight and show that Mitt Romney isnt fit to clean ...
by ksuwildkat
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I have owed President Jimmy Carter an apology for 29 years. It's about time I made it public. He was right and I was wrong about his response to the Iranian hostage crisis. When the Iranian ...
by Leftcenterlibertarian
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Poetic justice. FiredUpInCa has a Diary up confirming that the person responsible for facilitating the release of the now-infamous Romney video is none other than James Carter IV, the grandson of ...
by Dartagnan
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by Jimmy Carter
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I did not intend to turn "Their reality has lapped our satire" into a series. Honest, I didn't. But what can I do? They just keep getting farther and farther out there. The first such diary ...
by dhonig
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New York magazine traced the story behind the Mitt Romney Youtube video that has been around for a few months but only became wildly viral today. Here's the crux of the report: The damning video of ...
by FiredUpInCA
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“You have the power to hold your leaders accountable.” - President Obama, Ghana, July 14, 2009 While congress says it is gearing up to investigate what is old ...
by Ralph Lopez
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...Or, Fear And Loathing in the 1980's. I don't mean this to be a hit diary, or a pile on. But in reading the discussions around the blogs today on Obama's growingly-infamous comment about Reagan'...
by grannyhelen
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Sorry for the quick diary, but with all the talk of a Obama/HRC ticket, I want to make sure that this gets some notice. From The ...
by Spud1
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NOTE: I know there is another diary on this subject, but I felt it needed more analysis than that one provided (and with less offensive words). Jimmy Carter went there, now it's up for other Dems ...
by dansac
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Not so long ago, that would not have been a very controversial statement, at least not within the confines of a Democratic blog. But with the publication of President Carter's book,
by Mark Sumner
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Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), who is running for U.S. Senate in 2010, spoke at the Values Voter Summit on Friday night. He came on after Carry Prejean, the lady who got fired from being Miss California. ...
by itsnotbutter
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Jimmy Carter is in the UK attending Hay Literary festival. Both Al Gore and Bill Clinton have been there too. Friends of mine met them in the lovely English/Welsh town of Hay which is home to ...
by Brit
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by Jimmy Carter
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Today Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center announced that Guinea Worm Cases are at an all time low. Quietly, President Carter and ...
by trill
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by Jimmy Carter
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