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I love the passion of John Edwards, and I fully support everything he says. But John Edwards is not catching fire with the voters, and he will play only a minor part in the selection of our candidate.
by Granny Doc
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by Al Rodgers
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It's hard for anyone who wasn't there to understand what 1968 was like. Even harder, perhaps, to understand what it was like to come of age in the late 60's. It was a time of enormous hope, ...
by Audio Guy
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With the news of Tony Snow’s ultimate departure, we’re faced with yet another round of grappling over how to respond to the death of someone whose temporal behavior enabled dark forces ...
by Meteor Blades
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Barely two days after ...
by occams hatchet
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by Al Rodgers
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is the title David Ignatius, formerly foreign editor and now co-host of PostGlobal for the Washington Post (and thus a significant member of The Village) has ...
by teacherken
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Ask not what your country can do for you.....ask what you can do for your country. On this day – the day of Senator Ted Kennedy’s funeral and the anniversary of ...
by clammyc
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For some things, commentary detracts rather than adds. Teddy Kennedy's letter is worth reading in its entirety. It's short and to the point. President Obama highlighted a key point last night in ...
by TomP
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by occams hatchet
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A new story which is the old story of our revolutionary roots. Bill Moyers hits it out of the park again with this speech in December in NYC. Can we draft him for V.P? He calls on Democrats of all ...
by MontanaMaven
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Why I'm for ...
by Les AuCoin
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by Mark Sumner
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Rich's op ed today is entitled If Terrorists Rock the Vote in 2008 and focuses on how irrelevant the ...
by teacherken
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On Meet the Press today David Gregory played a clip from John F. Kennedy's magnificent speech from 1960 on the separation of church and state, which provoked a strong reaction from Santorum. He was ...
by DowneastDem
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by JekyllnHyde
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Those who are concerned about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright should ponder this: the candidate whose style most undermines hatreds of all kinds is Barack Obama. That is one key reason why I and countless ...
by State Rep Mark Cohen Dem PA
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by Maryscott OConnor
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by thereisnospoon
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Between one breath and another he was gone, a dream fading into time. But it wasn't "only" President Kennedy's death that shaped so many of our lives. That November day in ...
by Onomastic
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